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I'm Just Sayin'

This is my personal space to just share my journey. I am a child of God, mom, wife, GiGi, business woman, teacher, researcher, crunchy AND granola, international speaker, author, Young Living Diamond,  & home school mom. I have so many hats!! I love my life & am blessed beyond measure!! 

I have lots of health issues that have been a very big part of my daily life. I started at over 400 pounds. I have good days & bad days JUST like everyone else in the world!! I decided to start a personal blog / vlog to help ME stay focused! I also get asked a ton of questions.  Usually the same questions over & over again. I thought others might want to know the answers. 


I hope you are blessed walking the journey with me!! If you have some specific questions & would like me to cover them at some point, post a question in the comments. Wellness, Purpose & Abundance

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