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Finding MY Missing Puzzle Pieces

At our last event I was chatting with one of my friends, Teri West, who is also an amazing hairstylist, I told her I had been losing my hair. I thought it was from water fasting & eating keto -- I actually cut a lot of hair off because it was getting so thin. She suggested I start taking huge amounts of Biotin (vitamin B7). I told her I already take Master Formula & Super B both of them have biotin so I was taking 140% of the daily RDA, I am good.

Then I went home & did a little research. I already know I have the MTHFR mutation – that is a topic for another time. After reading up on biotin, I found out all vitamins Bs help your body turn carbs into fuel which in turn means they help with weight, blood sugar & gut issues. I found that fascinating on its own! I discovered that biotin helps with dry scaly skin, rashes, fatigue, gut issues, thinning hair, dry eyes, fatigue, insomnia, burning prickly hands & feet, muscle pain, difficulty walking… all of which I have and have been blaming on MS.

After lots of research, I started taking 10,000 MCG or 3,333% of the RDA twice a day for about 90 days. It has only been 60 days & I am thrilled with my results!! I have all kinds of new hair growing which I LOVE, but more importantly, I have noticed my walking has improved greatly!!! No more burning & tingling in my limbs! Everything seems to have improved significantly. Even eating the OMAD diet right now, I feel so in control & full of energy. That is never the case for me, food has always been a struggle. Obviously, it is not the only thing I am doing or taking, but it is the only new thing. I am pretty excited. Everything I am reading says that some people have a hard time metabolizing vitamin Bs & if you are having issues with one, you could be having issues with others. I am going to stay on this dose for 6 months & then decided if I need to lower the does. It is water soluble so I don’t have to worry about it building up too high. We are going to start increasing the rest of the B family over the next few months & see what happens. Next week, we are going to increase vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid). We will start at 100mg twice a day & work our way up. Check out the studies on B3, heart & cancer. My usual MO is to add something new & monitor how I feel.

What if a lack of B vitamins is the reason, I have not been able to release fat? What if that is the reason Brian ended up in ER with his heart? What if half of the MS symptoms have simply been a lack of vitamin b! What if this is the key to keeping me out of the wheel chair!!! Ahhh, I am pretty excited!!!

THIS is the reason I am constantly tell you guys to do your own research & try things. We all have our own history; toxins we have been around, nutrients that have been missing for generations, emotional traumas … our bodies need different things. I will keep you guys posted on my high does B3 & the journey as we ad additional B vitamins at higher doses.

I already have people asking which Niotin I use. Here is the one I am using, no affiliate link, just the brand I ordered.

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