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Water Fast Videos

We are continually working on our health goals. August 2017, we set out to do a 40-day water fast and ended after 20 days. I was very proud of our 20 day fast, but we had some crazy things happen with Brian's heart & we really felt we needed to take a break. For sure, we had lots of amazing health benefits during & after our water fast.


We continued doing 12 hour to 5 day Intermitting Fasting (IF) & One Meal A Day (OMAD) became our daily schedule. We are both feeling pretty good but not seeing the weight changes and I REALLY think I will see some BIG changes with the multiple sclerosis with a 40-day water fast. So, we are starting another 40-day water fast & decided to take you all on the journey with us!! This round started July 9, 2018. We have had several 5-day water fast, so I will post a new water fast video on day 6 -- July 14, 2019!! 

Let us know if you decided to jump & do a few days water fasting with us!!! The more the merrier!

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