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Our Oils vs Their Oils…

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

I just don't compare us to them and I do mean ALL OF THEM. When I am asked, I simply say, "Every other oil company out there says the same thing, as good as Young Living BUT....

See, we are the measuring stick which every other company uses to prove they are as good as us.

The BUT; is our Seed to Seal, 25 years of experience, farms around the world and hundreds of thousands of lives that have been changed!

It is what sets us apart & will always make us the world leader in Essential Oils.

I choose not to compare Young Living to any other company because:

  1. Nothing turns me off faster from purchasing a product or using a service as when companies attack each other. It drives me crazy!! Tell me what makes me WANT your products. Don't tear anyone else down to try & prove you are better. Win me over because you are better or step aside. Think cell phone companies & the way they rip each other a part. No thank you. I'll pass!

  2. There is power in a positive message. Just like there is power in a negative message. What kind of message are you creating? What type of people are you looking for?? If you are looking for an Essential Oil company as good as Young Living, you might want to try Young Living. You’re smart. You don’t fall for the slam game or even the he said she said game. If you are just looking for a pretty smell, you may want to try the perfume counter. If you are looking for radical changes in your life, our proof is in our products. It is in the stories from millions of happy users. My life has been radically & dramatically changed because of the power of each beautiful life changing drop of Young Living Essential Oil!

  3. There is just no comparison. You cannot compare a plastic apple to a real apple. They may look alike, but they have nothing else in common. I wouldn’t even begin to try. A plastic apple will always be a plastic apple!! You can spot a fake from a mile away.

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