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Pumpkin Spiced Vitality Slique Tea

I know, it is too early for pumpkin spice anything!!! I was out to lunch with one of my best friends the other day & she made that perfectly clear. She said I had to wait & let her enjoy summer. She

only gets three months & she wants to enjoy them, but that was August 31. Today is September 2! I think it is close enough to fall to start enjoying a yummy pumpkin treat! Especially when it is filled with so many healthy ingredients. So, I am sorry, Lisa & all my summer luvin’ friends, but fall is coming! It's ok. My Pumpkin Spiced Vitality Tea will cheer you up!!!!

I have to start by telling you, I love tea. I love ice tea in the summer & I adore a steaming cup of hot tea in the fall, winter & spring. I imagine it is how a coffee drinker feels. I look forward to the steam & warm sensation with each drink. I even enjoy a cup of hot water with just a tablespoon of fresh squeezed lemon juice & a few drops of Citrus Fresh Vitality Essential Oil. I enjoy herbal teas for all kinds of things year-round. A good cup of hot tea makes my heart happy.

When I tell you, this is one of those naughty treats that you can feel good about drinking. Trust me here, it is so yummy & feeds every cell in your body! We start with a base of Slique Ocotea Oolong Cacao Tea. If you have never tried Slique, you need to get on board! Slique Tea is a delicious blend that you will adore from the first sip! It is loaded with oolong green tea which helps your metabolism kick in. It is also full of Ocotea leaf which is known for its ability to keep your blood sugar stable & balanced. Inulin comes from soaking chicory roots in hot water. It is known to help with high blood fats, including cholesterol and triglycerides. It is also used for weight loss & constipation. This yummy tea also has Ecuadorian cacao powder which gives a subtle chocolate flavor & helps with mood & satiety. Just the aroma of vanilla has been shown to decrease appetite & improves mood. On top of all that, they added frankincense powder! Oh, my goodness, just google everything that frank can do for you!!! The final ingredient in Slique Tea is natural stevia extract. It is a healthy way to get a touch of sweetener.

Can you see why I use Slique as my base for our Pumpkin Spice Vitality Tea? The rest of the ingredients are just as yummy & HEALTHY. People give us pumpkin lovers a hard time, but did you know how good pumpkin is for you? Pumpkin is full of vitamin A, lutein and zeaxanthin which is wonderful for your eyesight. It is also full of antioxidants, good fiber & it makes me happy!!! That is important too!!

I like to add heavy whipping cream or coconut cream. Good healthy fats help us feel full & satisfied. They give your brain a big boost of clarity! You can actually use extra cream & your choice of sweetener & whip it up to add homemade whip cream on top of your Pumpkin Spiced Slique Tea. So creamy!

We are using some of my favorite fall essential oils; Ginger Vitality, Nutmeg Vitality & Cinnamon Vitality. Not only do they add that lovely fall flavor & aroma, but they give an amazing boost to your immune system, they love on your hormones & help keep your blood sugar balanced! That’s what I am talking about!!! You could also use a pumpkin spice blend if you prefer, but I really like the added depth & health boost from using my essential oils.

Feel free to use any sweetener. I use monk sweetener. It is all natural. 100–250 times sweeter than table sugar. Has no carbs or calories & doesn’t spike my blood sugar, we are talking ZERO spike for me! It works for me. You do you. Make sure you play with your sweetener & add the amount for your desired sweetness.

This is one of those dump it all together & mix kind of recipes!! I am sure it will soon become a favorite! Let me know all the things you do to make it yours. I love hear your ideas!

Pumpkin Spiced Slique Tea


  • 1 Slique Tea Bag

  • 10 oz water

  • 2 tablespoons pumpkin puree

  • Toothpick swirl Ginger Vitality Essential Oil

  • Toothpick swirl Nutmeg Vitality Essential Oil

  • 1 Drop Cinnamon Vitality Essential Oil

  • 1-2 tablespoons Monk Sugar of choice, to taste*

  • 1 tablespoon vanilla

  • 2 oz heavy whipping cream


  1. Boil water & add Slique Tea Bag.

  2. Let it sit for 6 minutes to brew while you mix everything else.

  3. In a NutriBullet (or any small blender), add pumpkin, sweetener, vanilla, heavy whipping cream & essential oils (Dip toothpick in essential oils & swirl that in the cream) mix for about 30 seconds.

  4. Once the tea is steeped, pour the tea into the NutriBullet & blend until frothy.

  5. BE CAREFUL when you open the NutriBullet contents are hot. Pour in a large mug & enjoy

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