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Partner with ME!!

I just finished working out. Today was the first day since I broke my ribs. It is amazing to me how much endurance I lost in such a short time. Not to mention the sheer effort it took to get my butt out the door. I feel like I am starting all over. Which is OK, I know my body needed time to heal, but it is still frustrating to have to start again. STARTING is always the hardest part of any journey! The most important part is that I did START again!

I am proud that I went outside. I didn’t do much. I walked for 5 minutes, rode my bike for 10 minutes & used my resistance bands. I did all of those 3 times & it took about 90 minutes including all the breaks I took along the way. My ribs are achy & my legs are already sore, but it really felt good to get moving again!!

We exercise in our garage most days. Today the beautiful breeze was blowing

so I could enjoy watching the trees. As I was working out I was answering messages, posting on social media & making list in my head. My mind is always going a hundred miles a minute. One of my many thoughts while I was sweating up a storm… Why do we stop? I know this time; I stopped because I had an injury that required a break. I get that, but generally speaking, WHY do we start doing something hard then stop?

Personally, I have struggled with fitness, food & field! I know I am not alone! I should be Royal Crown Diamond!! I should be running triathlons! I have watched some of my friends change their complete lifestyle only to slip backwards & struggle to start making healthy choices. I have watched members in my organization do that over & over again. They start talking to people & doing classes then they stop & have a VERY HARD time starting again regardless of rank! I have watched people simply stop so many things then struggle to start again. The BEST example happens January first – EVERY year people post their plans to jumpstart the new year, but very few actually put in the effort to succeed!

I don’t have a golden wand that will make you achieve your dreams. I do know that it takes consistent action towards a worthwhile goal to accomplish anything! I know that you have to start & keep starting!