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Healthy Weight Calendar

OK friends let’s talk about a few of the items we are using to ramp up 🔥 weight loss this month!!!! 💯💯💯 You don’t have to use everything listed, but these are the things that I know helped me release 99.4 pounds in 2023!!

In case you do not have the list, here are the products I think will ramp up your success!! You can even download this handy calendar with check boxes for each thing you do!! I LOVE checking things off my list!!!!

· 6 oz NingXia Red

· 1 Olive Essentials

· 2 CortiStop

· 4 Super B

· 1/2 tsp Olive Oil

Overview of the food & Exercise I use >>> HERE. We will talk about exercise and the foods I choose over the next few days. Today, I want to give you the plan for the supplements & a bibet on WHY I use the products I use 😊

NingXia Red

If you are in Young Living then you know there has been a 14 Day Reset focusing on NingXia Red, healthy food choices and movement for the past 9 months. The success stories from upping NingXia Red and choosing real food have been extraordinary!!! Young Living has some exciting news that they will be sharing at the New Year Kick Off that will knock your socks off!! Trust me when I tell you, 6 oz of NingXia Red will CHANGE the game for your health, weight, energy, clarity #allthethings 

I drink 6 to 12 oz every single day. I generally have 2 oz in the morning, 2 oz with lunch and another 2 oz around 3:00. I added that 3rd round because I kept having an afternoon slump in my energy. That is not an issue anymore. If you would like an in-depth series on NingXia Red, check here.

Olive Essentials & Olive Oil

The Mediterranean diet has been researched for years because it has been shown to have the healthiest people. We are talking about healthy weight, healthy heart, healthy brain, healthy blood sugars >>> EVEN with all the bread, pasta “unhealthy” carbs. The one thing that really sticks out, they eat a lot of olive oil.

Amazing olive oil, who knew???

Did you know that olive oil acts like a glucagon like peptide (GLP) secretagogue?? YEP!!!! That means it stimulates your own gut to make GLP1 >>> If you have no idea what that is or why you should care, then you my friends are going to LOVE the next few days as we dig in!!!! For now, just know we have these amazing hormones in our body that are supposed to control our appetite. They tell us when to eat, what we should be craving, and they even control our energy output… do you want a burger and a nap or do you want to a glass of water and walk. It is not a will power thing, it is alllllll choreographed by our brain and our hormones. Natural GLP1s like olive oil & its primary constituent hydroxytyrosol flip the satiety triggers!!!

I worked my way up to 2 tablespoons a day. It simply turns off your hunger signals. I started with ½ a teaspoon before eating in the morning. My first day, I took 2 tablespoons and had massive loose stools, so work up slowly.

The active ingredient in olive oil is a phenol called hydroxytyrosol that loves on your healthy gut, supports your heart and immune system!!! Just a great addition!!

I am in love with Young Livings Olive Essentials!!!! It provides as much hydroxytyrosol as a liter of extra virgin olive oil in each capsule. It also has essential oils of Rosemary Vitality and Parsley Vitality. I personally take 1 in the morning and 1 around dinner time. Evenings were always a struggle for me, that is when I typically had the munchies. Not anymore!!


I take 2 CortiStop around lunch time, sometimes a little earlier. This sweet addition will be a game changer if you are under a lot of stress. We chatted a lot about CortiStop last month. I will go more in depth this month.

Super B

My sweet friend Super B!! I feel like she is one of my besties! I take 2 before breakfast, 2 with lunch and 2 more with my NingXia Red around 3:00. We just had a whole series on my friend Super B, you can check it out here.


I also walk every day. When I started it was just a few minutes every hour, I worked my way up to longer and longer walks. We will talk more about movement and the REAL reason we need it throughout the month. For now, start walking. Aim for 5 minutes every hour, YES set your phone to remind you, if you do that for 12 of the 16 hours you are awake, you will get 60 minutes of movement!!! YOU got this!!!!

Which items are you going to add to your routine???

How much extra weight are you going to release this year???

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