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Losing Weight & Getting Healthy

Updated: Jan 2

Ahhhh this is going to be one of the hardest and most exciting classes I have ever shared. As of this moment, I have released 94 pounds since January 1, 2023.

I am no longer on oxygen. I am out of the wheelchair. My blood work shows that I am perfectly

perfect in every way!! I feel like a NEW person!!!

I still need to lose about 140 pounds to achieve my ideal body weight. It feels odd teaching about weight loss with so much extra weight to lose, but it feels selfish to keep everything I am doing to myself. I have tried so many things through the years and this is different. We are going to talk about lots of bibets that I believe have flipped the switch for me. I have no idea “which what” was THE THING, it is lots of things. I am hoping you find a few things that will amp up YOUR bodies burn and get you feeling strong, sexy & healthy!!!! I am also hoping that talking about it will keep me releasing during the holidays!! #strongertogether Grab your friends & let’s do this!!! Weight loss video -- 94 pounds down!!

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