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Happy Hands with Essential Oils & Acupressure

This is the class I use as a ONE on ONE when I have giveaways at fairs, expos or markets. Here is the video I mentioned. I don't give away oils, or products because they take them & I may never get to chat with them

about THEM. I want to be able to connect with a prospect & find out how I can serve them. THIS technique allows me to sit across from a prospect & discuss them, their life and what they really need.

The drawing or giveaway is a FREE ONE on ONE Self Hand Acupressure Session w/ Essential Oils. People add their name to the drawing or I set up the session. They are allowed to bring one guest with them at no charge. Works WONDERFUL, they generally bring a guest.

This does not take any special skills. It is simple to learn & REALLY easy to duplicate. It is really about connection & giving your prospect the gift of your time. Here is the chart I use to help prospects choose the area they would like to focus on. The first one is an example with my contact info. The second one has a space for YOU to add your contact information.

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