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Getting Un-Stuck

I keep hearing people complaining that they are stuck. What do you have to do if a car gets stuck in the mud⁉️ You have to get outside the vehicle & PUSH‼️ Most of the time we sit in the car. We feel like we are hitting the gas; #doingallthethings spending hours on social media, creating NEW systems, organizing our office, making gifts or samples, watching #allthevideos but, we are just spinning our wheels.

If you are feeling stuck, your team is probably stuck with you. They are sitting in YOUR car. Get out of the mud! Stop doing busy work. Stop getting bogged down with negative self-talk or worrying about what other people are doing or thinking.

What are you doing right now to build your business⁉️ I am talking about those action steps that either increase the number of members in your organization, the number of members you have on Essential Rewards or the size of those orders. You do realize those are the steps that GROW your team.

You have to go back to basics: 🥰start meeting NEW people, start sharing YOUR story with NEW people, start teaching classes about the things that LIGHT YOUR FIRE!

YOU, you are the ONLY person who can change your circumstances. Start moving forward & sharing with new people, training new people & have FUN while you are doing it!! You will be amazed at the momentum that will happen when your TEAM sees you running the race again!

👇👇👇 Tell me, what are you going to do in the next 11 days to make May AMAZING⁉️

👇👇👇 How are you going to fill your calendar for June⁉️

👇👇👇 Are you going on the Alaskan Cruise⁉️ What are you doing BEFORE & AFTER the trip to take care of your business⁉️

👇👇👇 What rank will you be at Grand Convention? Same question, what are you doing BEFORE & AFTER the convention to continue growing your business⁉️

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