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Celebrate Each Mile Marker

I am pretty pumped!! I have a few mile markers that I have to celebrate. So, I am still not weighing myself. I can’t. The numbers just freak me out & it is not worth the stress. We are however, still doing all the things Slique, water, supplements & oils. Over the past 48 days we have stuck to Low Carb OMAD. We have had 3 or 4 days of only water & we have eaten twice a day a few times, but nothing major. We have been feeling AMAZING.

In addition, we both ended up with what I can only imagine was food poisoning coming home from Florida and had a few days of ONLY water, Amino Wise, Life 9, NingXia Red & a butt load of DiGize.

All of those may have something to do with my exciting news!! First mile marker >>> yesterday, I tried on a shirt from my closet that still had the tags on it because it didn't fit. I bought it 6 months ago, way too tight & I never got around to sending it back. OMG, it fit!! Yep. It straight up fit!!! Not even a little snug! It was adorable & I felt BEAUTIFUL!!! That is HUGE!!! I literally cried with joy because that is the first tangible proof that this is working for me!!! I am PUMPED!!

Second mile marker>>> I have been adding in movement since Christmas. Small things like setting my timer when I am in the office, it goes off every 30 minutes & I stand at my desk & work until I have to sit down. Then it goes off again in 30 minutes & I move >>> I bounce on my rebounder several times a day for a few minutes. I have hand weights by my couch & use them during commercial breaks. We also started walking on the beach a few weeks ago while we were in Florida & I loved it!!! Then we fell off the walking wagon when we came home. I posted about that the other day. I took lots of your suggestions <3 & added some dancing. I love dancing!! I just pop in any number of dance DVDs and have a good time. I started walking on my treadmill or riding on my stationary bike while listening to some powerful speakers. Anyway, it has been 48 days of moving, not for long periods of time, but several times a day doing multiple little thing. I still can’t get overheated or start sweating because that cause issues with the MS. Those little things, ummm they are making a difference!! Yesterday during our Executive & Above Leadership, I was able to stand & walk around to everyone’s table to chat with them!! I was even able to stand up while I was speaking multiple times!! I know it may not seem HUGE to you, but that is mammoth to me!!! I stood, I talked, I walked, I wasn’t winded, I didn’t get hot, my legs didn’t start to crumble It felt wonderful!!!!

Those mile markers mean the world to me. It tells me that my body is not under stress eating this way. It tells me that my body is happy doing what we are doing. It tells me that my body is willingly releasing excess fat! It tells me I am getting stronger & healthier!!! It tells me that I am doing enough & I don’t have to worry anymore. I am on the right road! Those are the mile markers that tell me that MY GPS is going in the right direction!!

Guys, we have to celebrate all the small successes!! If you drank water today & you passed up a soda, celebrate! If you parked further away so you had to walk, celebrate!!! If you turned off the TV & made a phone call, celebrate!!! If you remembered to take your supplements, celebrate!!! Our brain LOVES rewards!!! When we celebrate, we get a hit of DOPAMINE, that hit, tells our brain YESSS do it again!! It starts to partner in all those things!!! It literally encourages you to do all the things!!

What we generally do is focus on the things we didn’t do. You could eat healthy all day & do wheat grass enemas but, you will focus on the fact that you failed because you had a scoop or a bowl of ice cream!! You could do 3 classes a week & enroll 5 people & you will focus on the fact that only 1 enrolled in ER. You need to celebrate all the great choice & be excited that you did it!!! Give yourself the reward of dopamine & see how much easier it will be tomorrow.

So tell me, what are the things YOU have been doing⁉️ What are your mile markers so far⁉️ Let us celebrate with YOU

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