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What if my people (I) don't want to build?

Listen, I know not everyone in Young Living wants to build a business and that is 100% OK. Nobody is going to make you share. EVER. This is your life you can live it however you like. You can be a product user, OMG we LOVE product users!!! Our products are the best in the world!!! Feel free to use them all day long!!! Heck, you can even come to all the classes & learn oodles of information!! We love & appreciate you just the way you are!!!!

I even understand you. To be honest, I was you!! When I was introduced to the world of Young Living, I had zero desire to build a business. I knew those MLM things never worked & I was fine just oiling up!! I knew that nobody wants their friends & family trying to sell them stuff. I hated it when people did that to me! I did know that my life had been radically changed & I decided in my heart that I would make sure & share how good God had been to me when the opportunity presented itself. I knew I couldn’t see someone in need & keep it a secret. I would simply share & let people do what they wanted with the information.

For me it took less than a week before I had to share…. I was at one of our homeschool groups & a friend was sharing her life with me. Just telling me about the “stuff” she was dealing with in the moment. I told her I might have a solution. I took 2 minutes & told her what had happened to me. I opened my oil boxes & said. “Here, put these on, I am not sure what it will do for you, but what if it helps?” She oiled up making all the appropriate noises of appreciation for our beautiful oils. After she finished oiling up I said, “Here fill this out. When your oils come in, you tell someone else. People need to know that we have options.” She said of course & filled out her application for our Everyday Oil Kit & A Raindrop Kit. Those were the boxes I had so I had her get the same thing. We were done talking about Young Living in 15 minutes and on to other topics.

Those opportunities to see a need & fill the need have happened hundreds of times over the past 11 years. I still step up & share when I see an opportunity. I have to tell you, to me, it is a calling. There are so many lives that are changed when we simply share our story with others. I can not imagine NOT sharing what Young Living has done in my life! What YL has done for Brian, my children, my friends, strangers … for me, life changing!!

I had no intention of building a Young Living Business. It was not my intention to build a team that reached around the globe. I had no belief that this kind of abundance even existed!! It was an accidental side effect of sharing my story thousands of times. Was it hard work? You bet your bippy!!! I had to make the same choices you have had to make; Will I get off my butt & do the hard things or will I continue in the direction I am going & take the path of least resistance? Notice I didn’t say the easy road. Doing what you are currently doing could be the hardest road, but it is familiar! We like familiar. We may hate the life we are leading but it is mentally easier to stay where you are in misery than it is to try something new and fail.

What could change in your life if you shared? What could happen if you KEPT sharing? You were created to be amazing! You have inside you everything it takes to create the life of your dreams. You have to decide that the YOU want something more. That you are tired of whishing for great things & decide to start working for greatness. You have to decide that you are willing to do the hard things over & over & over again until you win!

Every single day I am blessed to hear of another miracle. I hear about people who had given up. who now have hope. It didn’t happen overnight. I didn’t enroll hundreds of people in a few months. I reached out & shared with one person at a time. I touched one life at a time. I encouraged each of those amazing new lives to share it with the people they cared about and the overflow just happened,

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