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2022 Income Disclosure Statement

Hey friends!! I am so excited to see our NEW 2022 Income Disclosure Statement!!! Thrilled to see so many lives being changed!!!! This document is a cheat sheet that you can use as a visual. You can get the FULL IDS here.

The numbers on this document show you the real numbers for the REAL PEOPLE who have decided to do the hard works, change their schedule and work their butts off!! It tells the number of months and years of work they invested to see that kind of growth!! So pound of each of these amazing leaders!!

Take a minute and look over the numbers. Decided which rank YOU need in your life. Then decided what you are willing to do to make it happen. How many hours are you gong to invest? how many people are you going to share with?? What is it worth TO YOU??? Here is what Young Living has to say >>> Helping our Brand Partners like you build a business in an honest, transparent way is important to us. And we understand that you need up-to-date numbers to keep everything on track! That’s why we’re providing the 2022 U.S. Income Disclosure Statement. This document breaks down what our Brand Partners are earning on average, so those building businesses can share this data and answer questions.

This document features the U.S. numbers from Calendar Year 2021, so you have accurate income information to share when you discuss the Young Living business opportunity.

Remember—there are specific times when you must share the information provided. Refresh your memory on how and when Brand Partners should share this information by reviewing the Policies & Procedures located under Member Resources in the Virtual Office. You are welcome to share this with your teams.

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