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Healthy Balanced Hormones: 5 Week Facebook LIVE

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

Join us for our 5 Week Healthy Balanced Hormones Series. Listen, hormones affect every single cell in your body!! They tell us when to wake up & when to go to sleep. They tell us when to eat & when to STOP eating. They dictate how we will respond to; stress, joy and fear!! Those crazy hormones' decided if we are hungry or full! Our hormones tell our body to replace cells or just let the cells slowly fade away. Understanding HOW our hormones work & what YOU can do to keep your hormones at a healthy level is HUGE!!

Every week we will cover another aspect of your endocrine system. You are welcome to share this zoom link & password with your friends & family. Grab your oils, your notebook & plan on joining us every week

Join us on Facebook LIVE Here>>> Week 1: Emotions & Endocrine: What is the connection??

PowerPoint We will start with an overview of your hormones & the role they play with your emotions & the oils that help to bring balance. We will even discuss some of the history involved in our hormones & how they were discussed on the past.

Week 2: Male & Female Hormones and Enjoying a Healthy Sex Life

Replay PowerPoint We are bringing sexy back!!! We are going to talk about all the fun ways you can use your oils& create all sorts of lotions & potions that can be used before bed& in bed.

I have said it before & I will say it again, heck, I will shout it out loud, "A Healthy Sex Life is an AMAZING thing!!!" Ladies & gentlemen you should have a healthy desire for sex & you should be capable of having sex!!

While we are at it, we are going to talk about male & female reproductive health. We KNOW we have lots of differences!! There are a ton of books telling us how different we are!! Ask a married couple who are both on a diet, they will tell you there isa HUGE difference!! Let's discuss those needs up close! What are the nutrients that men need to keep them strong and virile? What are the special needs women have?

You will discover some steps to encourage you during PMS & menopause. Our men will discover the REAL reason we need to keep our testosterone & DHEA levels strong & healthy! Invite your friends & join us for a fun educational class from the comfort of your own home via zoom!! Week 3: Healthy Thyroid & Adrenals

PowerPoint Why do we have a thyroid? What do the adrenals do & why should I care? How do the adrenals & thyroid work together? What role do they play in my energy levels & clarity? How do they affect my mood & weight? What can I do to feed this amazing system? So many great questions!! We will answer every single one & teach you how to give a little love & support to these simple endocrine glands! Invite your friends & join us via zoom!!

Week 4: Healthy Pineal, Pituitary & Hypothalamus: Replay PowerPoint Let’s talk about the master glands! These 3 little glands are amazing and powerful, but you never hear about all the ways the control every single hormonal reaction in your body. We will talk about things like; your sleep & wake cycle, your blood pressure, temperature & heart rate, your electrolytes & mineral balance, even the nerve interactions throughout your body. Who knew three little glands controlled so many things! Join us as we learn how to support our beautiful system!

Week 5 May 15: Pancreas, Enzymes & Insulin How are we going to wrap up this series? We are going to delve into your pancreas & all the roles it plays in your health. Are you going to burn the fat in the food you eat or store it? Are you hungry or full? Do you want to go for a run or take a nap? It is NOT up to YOU! It is 100% up to your pancreas & all the cells it supplies. What hormones & enzymes are involved in making those decisions? What is are involved & how can we support our sweet pancreas? Join us for our last week & find that freedom!!!

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