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Male & Female Hormones and Enjoying a Healthy Sex Life


We are bringing sexy back!!! We are going to talk about all the fun ways you can use your oils & create all sorts of lotions & potions that can be used before bed & in bed.

I have said it before & I will say it again, heck, I will shout it out loud, "A Healthy Sex Life is an AMAZING thing!!!" Ladies & gentlemen you should have a healthy desire for sex & you should be capable of having sex!!

While we are at it, we are going to talk about male & female reproductive health. We KNOW we have lots of differences!! There are a ton of books telling us how different we are!! Ask a married couple who are both on a diet, they will tell you there is a HUGE difference!! Let's discuss those needs up close! What are the nutrients that men need to keep them strong and virile? What are the special needs women have?

You will discover some steps to encourage you during PMS & menopause. Our men will discover the REAL reason we need to keep our testosterone & DHEA levels strong & healthy!

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