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10/90 Challenge: Show Me Sunday Chat

OK friends, I know it has ONLY been a few days ... here is where the accountability and support comes in!!!!! I want you to toot your horn and tell us where you are and what you have already done!!!!

  • Have you cleared your calendar so you have time to build?

  • Did you talk to others on your TEAM to see if they want to RUN with you??

  • Did you watch the FIRST video with all the details?

  • Did you click GOING for our Week TWO FB LIVE & put it in your calendar?

  • Did you find and download the Check List & Directions

  • Did you set up any weekly classes or meetings??

  • Did you find the page with all the flyers?

  • Did you download the ones you would like to use?

  • Did you print off ONE or Seventy??? <<< Planning for ONE day or the whole week??

  • Are you getting yourself ready to talk with TEN NEW people everyday??

  • Have you printed any flyers or are you still thinking about it?

  • Have you talked with anyone NEW??

This is where the rubber meets the road. I want to help you get into ACTION and enjoy the momentum it creates!!! So post your pictures and tell me all the things!!!! Show us your flyers. Snip pictures of the post you have shared. Tell us your plans!!! We want to cheer you on!!!

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