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10/90 Challenge: Check List & Directions

Whooo hooo!! It's here! It's here!!! Our annual 90 day hustle is here!!!! Are you ready for our #GrowingDiamond 90 Day Hustle? To participate: over the next 90 days, commit to finding 10

NEW contacts a day & host 2 meetings with NEW guest every week! Easy Peasy!!! Download this flyer, keep track of all your contacts and your classes. Be sure to email it to at the end of the incentive for a chance to win the Select 30 Oil Collection!!

Be creative, you can host:

  • One on ones

  • DIY Saturdays

  • Oily Pets

  • Taco Tuesdays

  • Christmas Crafts

  • Oily Parties

  • Mom Spa Days

  • Healthy Weight During the Holidays

  • Home Detox Days

  • Oily Kidz

We are talking Online, TEXT or in person! Just make sure you have a NEW person in attendance AND you do 2 every week!!!

You can host/teach both yourself or you can take a NEW guest to someone else's meeting/class. It still counts as long as you have a NEW person with you. It even counts if you have your new guest watch/participate in someone else's online class or video. You just have to make sure you are interacting and texting them while they are watching the FB LIVE/Zoom. Make it work for you!!!

Be sure to join us in the 10/90 Facebook Group & jump on our weekly FB LIVEs on Thursday's at 1:00 PM EST. Accountability is HUGE!!! We will keep each other accountable in that group!!! Be sure to use #GrowingDiamond on all your classes and every time you get your 10 or host a class. We will be cheering each other on!!!

If you missed the First FB LIVE with the introduction, catch the replay here. Find the flyers to handout here.

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