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10/90 Challenge: Need Heart Support

We have oodles of flyers to help you with your 10/90 Challenge. This one is our Heart Support Flyer. Friends people are desperate for answers and we have them!!! Everything listed feeds our

amazing healthy cardiovascular system!! People need to know that they are supposed to have energy, feel strong and remember where they left the car!!! We have answers!! Let's Share!

The picture on the left has my contact info & wish list. DO NOT HAND THIS ONE OUT. You will need to click here or on the picture. You will get a JPEG (picture) of the flyer with no contact info.

You can upload the picture to Canva, Microsoft or any graphic creator service and add your contact information.

I suggest you scan the QR Code for my "wish list" it will be added to a with list for YOU. Click SAVE, it will be added to YOUR wish list. Then you can edit items, title & generate a link. You can create a QR Code and add that to your flyers too. They are created to fit 2 on a11 x 8 paper for handing out.

If it sounds like a lot & confuses you, no worries. We are going to go over details Thursday, November 16 @ 1:00 PM EST on our Week 2 FB Live: Flyers, Invites & Handouts - Brand Partner Chats

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