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Overcoming Excuses: Enrolling Loyal Members 10/90 Challenge

Let’s be real, there are oodles of reasons why someone might need to wait to get their oils. I would love to cover a few of the everyday objections you may hear.

Things like:

• * I am not sure.

• * These oils give me a headache.

• * I heard another company ....

• * I don’t give my credit card.

• * I think these oils are wooo whoo new age.

• * I think they are snake oils.

• * They cost too much.

• * I have to talk to my… doctor, spouse, friend, and cat!!

OK, so you have heard a lot of “objections”!! Let’s call them what they are, EXCUSES! Believe it or not, there is a simple answer for most excuses.

Let’s turn those excuses into LOYAL customers who share their oily story with others!!! Come willing to learn…we may even discover the answer to YOUR excuses for not sharing.

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