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10/90 Challenge: Holiday Invitations

Whoop!! Whoop!!! Let's get those Holiday Invites happening!! Are you hosting Oily Parties at your house, in a meeting room or at an area restaurant? Feel free to use these and add your info!!!!

You can fit 4 to a sheet, they look great on card stock!! Just print, cut & write in your info like old fashion invites. You could use a service like Canva to fill in your info and still send via snail mail. You could also add your info & then share the picture via social media or text. You can send them directly to people you have been chatting with!!! Lots of ways to share them!!

You are welcome to use these as samples or edit one or all three invites by clicking on the pictures and downloading. Please note, we have one on black and white for those who are concerned about color printing.

It is really easy to download a picture and add your info in any photo editing program.

If you need help, shoot me an email. We have members that will add your information for $5.00.

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