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10/90 Challenge: Holiday Health Zooms

Here we have another options for flyers that you can share. This is for our online TEAM Zooms. These can be changed to work for the classes you are offering. They are for online classes so

you could share the pictures in your teams or send directly to people you have been chatting with. You can

also print them TWO to a page and hand them out for peeps that want more info. The classes are from the comfort of their own home. Lots of ways to share them!!

You are welcome to use these as samples or edit one or all three flyers by clicking on the flyer and downloading the picture. Be sure to add your contact information in the blank space. DO NOT HAND OUR THE FLYER WITH MY INFO. My wish list QR Code takes them to the Make A Shift NingXia Red Kit so it works for every class. YOU create the QR code or skip it all together.

You can fit 2 on a sheet paper. Download a picture and add your info in any photo editing program. If you need help, shoot me an email. We have members that will add your information for $5.00. This >>> LINK

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