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10/90 Challenge: Aches & Pains Flyer

We have oodles of flyers to help you with your 10/90 Challenge. This one is our Aches & Pain Flyer, with all the compliant products that supports those beautiful muscles, nerves and bones.

The picture on the left has my contact info & wish list. DO NOT HAND THIS ONE OUT. You will need to click here or on the picture. You will get a JPEG (picture) of the flyer with no contact info.

You can upload the picture to Canva, Microsoft or any graphic creator service and add your contact information.

I suggest you scan the QR Code for my "wish list" it will be added to a with list for YOU. Click SAVE, it will be added to YOUR wish list. Then you can edit items, title & generate a link. You can create a QR Code and add that to your flyers too. They are created to fit 2 on a11 x 8 paper for handing out.

If it sounds like a lot & confuses you, no worries. We are going to go over details Thursday, November 16 @ 1:00 PM EST on our Week 2 FB Live: Flyers, Invites & Handouts - Brand Partner Chats

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