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NingXia Greens: Sensational Supplement Video

Updated: Jan 1

MultiGreens vs. NingXia Greens both are so powerful!! Where do you start?? 💪 I am constantly discussing eating from the rainbow!! 🌈Maximizing your red, orange, purple, green, yellow fruits and veggies, 🍅🍆🫐🥦🥑🥬🍋🥕🫑 NOW you can get some of those powerful nutrients in a scoop!!!

Inside each serving, you’ll find

💥 💪 50 fermented whole foods

💥 💪 10 additional veggies & superfoods

💥 💪 five varieties of immune-supporting mushrooms

💥 💪 Wolfberry fruit and sprouted leaves

💥 💪 Enzymes to digest all those great nutrients!!!

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