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NingXia Greens: Sensational Supplement Series


MultiGreens vs. NingXia Greens both are so powerful!! Where do you start?? 💪 I am constantly discussing eating from the rainbow!! 🌈Maximizing your red, orange, purple, green, yellow fruits and veggies, 🍅🍆🫐🥦🥑🥬🍋🥕🫑 NOW you can get some of those powerful nutrients in a scoop!!!

Inside each serving, you’ll find

💥 💪 50 fermented whole foods

💥 💪 10 additional veggies & superfoods

💥 💪 five varieties of immune-supporting mushrooms

💥 💪 Wolfberry fruit and sprouted leaves

💥 💪 Enzymes to digest all those great nutrients!!!

We are going to dig in and really learn about the variety of real foods in this powerhouse!!! I am thrilled Young Living hears us & answers our needs!!

Join us every Tuesday at 1:00 PM EST on Facebook LIVE as we dig deep into all of our supplements

Everyone is welcome! Oily lovers to those who have NEVER heard of oils. When you arrive, be sure to say hi & tell us who shared this post with you. You'll be so glad you came!

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