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Let’s Talk Structure, Compensation, Rise 2 Rank & Beyond

Join Diamonds Marlene Wiegers & Shannon Hudson as we talk about our amazing compensation plan & TEAM Structure. We discuss how you build a strong foundation for sustained growth.

We go deep on the exciting Rise 2 Rank incentive & how you can use this program for personal growth & TEAM wide growth!!! We want to help you think beyond your current rank and 2 ranks ahead! Let's discuss trends & ways to use those trends to jump start your amazing TEAM!!! Go here for >>> the Compensation Cheat Sheet or the Income Disclosure Statement Here is the Rise to Rank Facebook Group They have weekly trainings & can answer all your Rise 2 Rank Questions. The rank charts are HERE. Be sure to download & print them out so you can keep track EVERY month for your self & your TEAM.

Join us LIVE every Thursday at 6:00 PM EST YES everyone is welcome!! Zoom Meeting ID: 675 874 1038 or Zoom Link Zoom Password: fabulous - no caps

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