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Let’s Talk Deep Links, Bundles & Freedom: Brand Partner Zoom


Join us for our Brand Partner Zoom with Special Speaker Senior Director of US Sales, Leon Atcitty!! This week we are going to go in depth on the quick easy button!! YEP. There is a way to build & share that is EASY!!! We will explain the deep links & bundles... we are talking serious EASY BUTTON!! Freedom my friend!! Young Living heard our cry & we are thrilled!!! Grab your TEAM & jump on the zoom or enjoy the replay. Let us clear up some of the confusion & truly make sharing your passion EASY again!! Every week, Diamonds Marlene Wiegers, Laura Peiffer, Susan Richardson, Marilee Tolen, Yvonne, Litza, Amanda Friedl & Shannon Hudson pull our resources & dig deep into multiple business strategies!!

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