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KidScents® MightyZyme Chewable Tablets Sensational Supplement Series

KidScents® MightyZyme Chewable Tablets: Young Living’s KidScents line was created to provide natural, plant-derived solutions for all your children’s needs, empowering you to care for your children and giving you one less thing to worry about.

KidScents® MightyZyme™ contains enzymes that naturally occur in the body that support and assist the digestive needs of growing bodies and the normal digestion of foods. This delightful chew is for relief of occasional symptoms, including fullness, pressure, bloating, stuffed feeling (commonly referred to as gas), pain and/or minor cramping that may occur after eating. We talk about enzymes all the time for adults, but I assure you your littles need that same support. Let’s dig in and look at all the enzyme action is this powerful addition!


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