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Brand Partner Chats: Skipping Past Excuses & Finding YES!

Let’s chat about all the excuses. You know the ones. I want to try XYZ, but I have to … You hear them a lot when you are out sharing Young Living. My guess, you hear the same excuses over and over again. We are going to talk about the top 10 excuses and how you can avoid the “excuse” pitfalls and find the YES when you are sharing your story!!!!

We are even going to dig into your TEAM and the top 5 reasons they are not building or sharing. Some simple tweaks will help you see a “BIG YES” with those in your organizations!!!

After that, we are going to talk about the excuses YOU have for why you have not started, or why you have not called that person, or why you didn’t act or speak when you knew you needed to… you know. All the things you tell yourself WHY you didn’t do the things, we are going to chat about it!!!! I want to help you find “YOUR YES” my friend!!


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