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Beautiful Gut & Microbiome


Your gut is responsible for so many functions!! Did you know we are only 10 percent human? Ninety percent of our cells are non-human, microbial cells. The good news is that you can cultivate healthy microbiota, formerly known as gut flora, in just 24 hours—by changing what you eat! Our gut is fascinating!!

What role does food, water, supplements, enzymes play in our healthy gut?? Your body uses enzymes constantly. At any given moment, all of the work being done inside any cell is being done by enzymes!! Enzymes are biological catalysts that speed up the chemical reactions in all living things. Without enzymes your body would cease to function. The purpose of enzymes is to break molecules apart or put them together, which they do very quickly & efficiently.

Here are specific enzymes for each chemical reaction needed to make each individual cell work properly. We are going to talk about the enzymes in your foods, fermenting foods & all the products Young Living carries that are filled with ENZYMES!! We will discuss the types of enzymes, how they work, which enzymes are needed & when you need them! We are going to talk about cleaning up the environment so you can thrive! Grab your friends, your oils, your water & let's talk enzymes!!

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