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Mason Jar Salads & 10 Minute Dressings

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

This class is a part of our NEW Cooking with Oils Series. I love food & I really enjoy cooking so I decided it would be fun to turn that passion into some hands on workshops.

Our next Cooking with Oils Workshop is scheduled for July 29, 2019: Marinades, Meal Prep & Essential Oils We would love to have you come out & join us!! Follow the link above to reserve your spot.

Last night we had a blast with a sold-out room making quick Mason Jar Salads & 10-minute Dressings! This class was so stinking fun!!! We made some amazing Young Living Vitality Essential Oil infused dressings & packed 3 Mason Jar Salads to take home. It was a great class!!!

The 3 Mason Jar Salads - Click each one for printable recipe

Demonstrations & Samples - Click each one for printable recipe

In addition, we had a few demonstrations. Everyone was able to watch us make & enjoy a sample of:

I wanted everyone to experience multiple types of vegetables, Young Living's Vitality Essential Oils, our Einkorn wheat products & lots of flavor!! I think it is so important to learn how to prepare quick, healthy, YUMMY food!! All the recipes take about 10 minutes if you have the vegtables preped ahead of time. Next month we will be doing a class on meal prep that will save you so much time!!

Please feel free to share & edit the recipes. Let me know if you make them & what changes you make. I think this is a FUN class that you could do in your home with 6 freinds!! Great wasy to introduce NEW members to Young Living!! We encouraged everyone at the class to duplicate this in their home in the next month with 6 friends!! Keep in mind that you could choose to do 1 salad & 1 dressing. Make it work for you!!

Here are some basic tips that will help you make crisp delicious Mason Jar Salads every time! Before you start anything, make sure your jars are clean with no chips or cracks and be sure you have a lid that fits BEFORE you start to fill the jar. Trust me on this one!!! Check first!! Been there, had to toss them or tranfer them on more than one occasion.

Next, think about the way you will layer your salad. It is important to keep thinking about the “soggy” aspect when layering your salad.

Layer 1: Dressing – you can pour it directly in the bottom of the jar or you could put it in a 2oz souffle cup with a lid. When you dump out your salad, the dressing cup will be on top ready to pour over your salad.

Layer 2: Firm fruits & veggies; celery, peppers, sugar snap peas, carrots, onion, apples, pears

Layer 3: Veggies that soak up dressing; cucumbers, mushrooms, zucchini, beans, cauliflower, grapes, strawberries & raspberries. Unless you are making a fruit dressing & you WANT the fruit to be saturated, then you should put it in layer 1.

Layer 4: Cooked grains; quinoa, einkorn wheat, couscous, firm pasta or rice (if you are eating low carb, you can omit this layer all together.

Layer 5: Soft toppings: Avocado, hard boiled eggs, cheese, turkey, chicken, beef or fish. If you have made a tuna salad or anything that has the dressing mixed in, make sure you add this in layer 1 NOT layer 5.

Layer 6: Use those amazing greens: Kale, romaine, green & red lettuce, spinach, dandelion greens, beet greens or arugula. You can even use radish greens & carrot tops. Use a variety – all the greens have unique minerals & vitamin profiles.

Layer 7: Crunchy toppings; cashews, hemp seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, granola, pumpkin seeds … let your mind go crazy! I usually bring the crunchy stuff in a 1oz souffle cup. I like that added crunch!!

Make sure you press all the ingredients in tight. I actually use the souffle cup to push the greens down. You want as little air as possible left in the jar.

Personally, I make several of these on Sundays. Most will last 5 – 7 days.

SOME ingredients only stay fresh for a 2 – 3 days and should be added the day you are eating the salad like: hard boiled eggs last 2 - days in the salad & up to a week in the fridge, avocado stays better if coated in lime or lemon juice, but still only stay fresh for 2 days in the salad, sprouts, should be added after the greens & really only stay fresh for 2 days – they can mold really easy.

Use your common sense: look, smell & feel it --- if it is slimy or stinky please toss it out.

I do not like eating the exact same thing everyday. I make several dressings in one day & freeze 2oz portions in an ice cube tray. Then dump them in a baggie or a mason jar. I just drop one or two in my jar for layer 1. If you have 24 hours, it will be melted by the time you eat it. This allows me to have variety in my salads.

Make sure you rotate your greens & veggies. We need a wide variety of every green thing. Try greens & vegtables you do not always eat. In a salad, the flavors all blend in & the added crunch will taste amazing!!

I do not eat them out of the jar unless I have zero options. I feel like I never get them fully mixed if I leave it in the jar. I just dump it onto a plate. Pour on the dressing & crunchy bits and enjoy!

If you are trying to increase the amount of greens you are eating, use a 32 oz jar & make sure about ½ is greens. If you are not pushing greens, you could probably use a smaller jar. Make the size that works for you. ANY jar with a tight-fitting lid will work! Grab those old pickle jars & put them to good use!!

Just think to yourself, “Will this become soggy or dried out in 6 -7 days?” If you are not sure, just run with it!! Have fun!!! Mix things up. Try new combos.

Set Up:

  • We set the room up for 45 people.

  • We had chairs with rectangle tables with chairs only on one side so everyone was facing the demonstration table

  • We had 5 stations with all the ingredients for the Mason Jar Salds layed out in orde.

  • Each container had 2 utensils so peole could make salads on both sides of the table

  • We made went ahead & put the crunchy toppings & dressings in small lided souffle cups so it would be faster for that many people to get through all the stations in a timely manner.

Workshop & Stations:

  • We did a Catalog Introduction.

  • Then I taught on NingXia Red, Wolfberry Syrup, Wolfberries, Einkorn Wheat Line, Vitality Essential Oils, healthy fats, wide variety of vegtables & made the dressings

  • Everyone was given a worksheet that covered the directions for walking through each station.

  • We had everyone come back after they visited each station & they enjoyed their samples. We talked about how much they loved everything.

  • We then gave them a challange to turn around and host a similar workshop with 6 people in their home. All the recipies are for 6 people, that is a great number for a in home workshop.

  • Keep in mind you do not have to make all 5 salads & 8 dressings. You could simply do 1 salad & 1 dressing with recipes for everything else. Keep it simple.

Station 1: Savory Summer Salad with Vitality Ranch Dressing

  1. 2 oz Container - Vitality Ranch Dressing

  2. ½ cup - Garbanzo Beans

  3. 4 w/ tongs - Grape Tomatoes

  4. 2 spoons - Red Onions

  5. 3 spoons - Carrots

  6. 2 spoons - Celery

  7. 2 spoons - Cucumber

  8. 2 cups w/ big tongs - Mixed Greens, Basil & Chives

  9. 2 spoons - Hard Boiled Eggs

  10. 1 oz Container - Tangerine & EndoFlex Vitality Spiced Hemp & Macadamia

Station 2: Southwest Pepper Salad with Creamy Cilantro Avocado Dressing

  1. 2 oz Container - Creamy Cilantro Avocado Dressing

  2. 2 spoons - Mixed Peppers

  3. 2 spoons - Red Onion

  4. ½ cup - Tomatoes

  5. ½ cup - Corn

  6. ½ cup - Beans

  7. 2 cups w/ big tongs - Mixed Greens

  8. 3 spoons - Cilantro

  9. 1 oz Container - Lime Citrus Fresh Sunflower Seed

Station 3: Cucumber Einkorn Wheat Berry Salad with Creamy Cucumber Dill Vitality Dressing

  1. ½ cup - Einkorn Wheat Berries & Dressing (Mixed together)

  2. ½ cup - Tomatoes

  3. ½ cup - Zucchini

  4. 1 spoon - Green Onion

  5. ½ cup - Cucumbers

  6. 2 cups w/ big tongs -Mixed Greens

  7. 1 oz Container - Wolfberry & Granola Salad Topper

Station 4: Glass of Lavender Lemon Limeade

Station 5: Plate of Dips & Sample Salads from the Demonstrations

Keep me posted!!! Let me know what you try & if you decide to host a class!!


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