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Sharing our stories; what can we really say?

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

Young Living is all about Wellness, Purpose & Abundance!!! More than anything, we want to empower you to get out there & touch lives. We want to equip you to share your story with grace & ease. We know there have been lots of whispers & lots of conversations about “Exciting NEWS” in regards to sharing your story. Soooo, what can you REALLY say? What has changed? What are the exciting changes? How can you incorporate YOUR whole honest story in a way that inspires others & shares hope? When something good happens to you, you have a moral obligation to tell someone else!!! Let us help YOU tell YOUR story! For the next 3 weeks on Facebook LIVE &/or webinar, Royal Crown Diamonds Stacy & James McDonald with Diamonds Sarah Harnisch & Shannon Hudson will be pulling together our experience & giving YOU the power to share your personal story in a compliant way!!! We have each taken the time to speak with Julie Hunter, Jeff Pearson, or Matt French to make sure we are giving YOU a clear message.

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