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Feel the Burn Slique Tea

This is an old post that I updated & thought you guys might enjoy!!


I have read all the info on drinking fats in your coffee & the possible benefits for burning fat & increasing energy. I have to be honest; I am up for anything that may possible keep my mind clear & burn a little tummy love!!! However, I am not a fan of coffee. I do not care for the smell let alone the flavor. I decided to try it with a twist & of course went to my Young Living products first!!! I am blown away about how AMAZING I feel with my “Feel the Burn Tea”!!! My focus went up the first day!! My hunger & cravings throughout the day was better in a matter of days!!! The amazing fats added to the tea even kept my blood sugar healthy & stable!! BEST of all … I LOVE the taste!

I enjoy a cup first thing in the morning & have a second cup between lunch & dinner. If i forget about it & it starts to get cold, I just add more hot water. I generally take my Slique CitraSlim with my Tea. We will talk about those later~ Let me know if you try it!


  • 1 Slique Tea bag

  • 1 TBS MCT oil

  • 1 TBS grass-fed, unsalted butter or ghee

  • 2 drops Tangerine Vitality My original recipe had Jade Lemon Vitality, but it has been out of stock for a while so I tried Tangerine Vitality & OMG, I LOVE it!

  • 1 drop Grapefruit Vitality

  • 1 drop Cinnamon Vitality


  1. Brew 1 cup of Slique Tea – Bring 8 ounces of water to a rolling boil, let cool for 3½ minutes. Place one bag in a cup & add add hot water. Steep for at least 3 minutes to get all the good stuff out of the jade oolong tea leaf & ocotea leaf. You will also want to stir the bag with a spoon to release the Ecuadorian cacao powder & frankincense powder.

  2. Add in 1-2 tablespoons MCT Start slow, it can cause loose stools if you add too much too fast.

  3. Add 1-2 tablespoons grass-fed, unsalted butter or ghee

  4. Add 2 drops Tangerine Vitality

  5. Add 1 drop Grapefruit Vitality