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The Freedom of Emotional Release

I almost cancelled. My ribs were still sore. My body was still tired from the infection. My energy was just not back to 100%. I couldn’t wear a bra because it caused direct pressure on my already sore broken ribs. Leaders who ALWAYS help out were cancelling. Attendees were letting us know that they were not going to make it. My daughter kept saying mom let’s just change the date & do it next month. I had every logical reason to cancel the Raindrop & Emotions Event we had planned.

Every time I started to announce that we were going to cancel, I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to be there. That still small voice won me over & we went ahead & hosted the Raindrop & Emotions workshop Saturday. I am so happy I listened to that still small voice!!! My heart was so touched by all of the personal stories that were shared at the event, all day yesterday AND messages today! So many lives have already been touched!!

I have had messages from people who were broken & beaten who are now feeling strong! One lady, who was there alone & feeling invisible in every aspect of her life, made friends at the event AND has contacted several family members over the past few days!! She told me that she realized she was the one creating the walls and just need the courage to reach out & she doesn't feel isolated anymore.

Another person called to let me know she had been angry & resentful over some past issues and had stopped her relationship with Father God years ago. She said she dropped to her knees when she got home and poured out all that anger & frustration in prayer. She said she felt physically lighter and felt peace for the first time in years!!

One member shared her struggle with depression. She discussed years of issues & how radically her life has changed since joining Young Living, meeting an amazing upline & other oily friends, playing with essential oils, learning basic nutrition & chemical awarness ... her life has beend radically changed!!

I seriously LOVE what we do!! We give people hope. I am telling you; when I am tired, when it feels too hard, when I just want to stop, I think about the stories and the lives that have been changed forever & it makes me keep going!!! I know that I am doing EXACTLY what I am supposed to be doing & it is worth it!! I am so blessed & highly favored!!!

We are definitely going to have another Raindrop & Emotions workshop soon! I am going to cover Emotions & Endocrine at our Florida event this weekend. We just don’t talk about that side enough.


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