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Slique in 120 ~ Celebrate EVERY success!

Ahhhhh!!! I have to post this quickly & run!!! My belly is in a HUGE knot. I have been looking at this set of pictures for about a week trying to be brave enough to post them online for the world to see!

I shared them last weekend at our Spring Health Event surrounded by a thousand of my closest friends. It was scary to share, but I knew they all loved me & support my journey. Online, is different. That security blanket of love & understanding is gone. BUT I have to share. I know I am not the only person who has struggled with my weight.

Looking at these photos from the Slique Challenge with all of them together ... seeing the HUGE difference in the size of my face & neck brings me to tears. To be honest, I never notice the change. I notice that I have more energy. I notice that my clothes fit completely different. I notice that I fit the movie theater chairs without lifting the arms. I noticed that I was able to walk while on stage & teach! But when I look in the mirror I don’t see the change. I wonder how long it takes for my mind to see the skinny girl inside!? I do know that I am choosing to do the Slique in 60 over & over again until that healthy vibrant skinny girl is free <3

I have to tell you that I feel like I need to start every blog on my weight with this statement... Hi, my name is Shannon Hudson & I am addicted to food. I think each of us have our own struggles. Some of them are easier to see. You can hide your cigarettes, alcohol, sex, drugs & temper, at least for a while. Food addiction shows up, first as overweight then as obesity.

When you give up any other addiction you can quit & NEVER have the item you are addicted to again. It will be hard & your body will fight for it, but you CAN skip it forever & NEVER touch it again! Food is unique; it is the only addiction that you literally have to choose to do in moderation forever. Try that with an alcoholic or a cocaine addict. Tell them to JUST do a little cocaine. It would never work!

As a food addict, I am telling YOU we need to celebrate our little success!! When we are successful more often than we are not, we WIN!!! Our body reflects those small wins & eventually we get to SEE the changes!!

I just won a significant battle that had me in tears. We just went to the movies & I indulged for the first time in FOREVER!!! Oh, popcorn, how I have missed you! It was so crunchy & YUMMY!!! Oddly, I only had a few handfuls before I didn't want anymore!!! WHAT??? I have NEVER experienced a time in my life where I stopped eating popcorn before the bucket was emptied!!! I am so stinking excited!! It wasn't will power. I didn't think about it & make a good choice. I just sat it down & DID NOT THINK to pick it back up again!! I could cry!!! It is working!! The skinny girl in me is winning! <3

For those of you who are worried I might fall off the wagon, I did decide to do a few days of just water to jump right back into ketosis, I know my weaknesses & I refuse to give them a foothold!

I have been nervous to share my photos online, but I want to encourage others who are in the same boat as I am, YOU CAN DO IT!!! Don’t let your past dictate your future!! I know I have a very long way to go, but I know how far I have come!! I choose to celebrate EVERY success!!

As always, if you are not in Young Living & you are now interested, please get ahold of the person who sent you this link. They will help guide you on your oily journey!! If you found me on your own, please send me a message & I will help you get started!!!


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