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Changed Forever

With everything that has been going on in our life I nearly forgot that February is our 10 year anniversary with Young Living! I remember when my stalker first started talking about essential oils. Oh my goodness, how I hated that smell! I am so grateful that she kept on stalking us! Our lives have been so radically & dramatically changed in the past 10 years.

God began preparing us for our wellness journey a few months before my stalker began talking to us about essential oils. Our church had a special speaker come in that discussed food & health consequences. He said we couldn’t be mad at God when we were making choices that could be the root cause of some of the diseases we were dealing with. It was the first

time I had heard that our food choices could be affecting our health. I know it’s crazy to think that some of us didn’t know that, but we were


Every single person in our household had health issues. Literally 8 people & each of us had our own unique issues! The worst part; 4 of those people were children! I remember praying that Father God would open my eyes & take the blinders off… I had no idea was that going to entail!!

David, Alicia, Cassandra & Breanna Hudson