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Drinking Shakes & Feeling Good!

The past few days, we have just been drinking shakes. Rotating through the Slique Shake, Pure Protein Vanilla Spice & the AMAZING Chocolate Pure Protein!! I just needed something to get me in the right mindset! We have been drinking 1 shake 3x a day & taking a host of supplements. When we wake up & go to bed we have been blending ICP & the last of our JuvaPower. I am not sure what I will use when our JuvaPower is gone. We haven’t decided how long we are going to shake it up, but right now it feels really good. I am really shocked at how much control I have when I remember to take my Slique CitraSlim before we eat!! I feel completely satisfied … with a shake :) I forgot yesterday & I was pretty "HANGRY" after about an hour. VERY interesting!!! What have you all been doing?

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