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Finding & Sharing YOUR Story: Brand Partner Chats

Finding & Sharing YOUR Story >>> Let’s chat about you and how you were introduced to Young Living. What made you decide to become a Brand Partner? We are going to go over the building

blocks for developing your story. I am here to tell you; stories are the key to enrolling. Stories are the key to growth. The stories are the kit and the kaboodle!

It is not “the science.”

It is not “the perfect graphic.”

It is not “the BEST book.”

It is not “focusing on your virtual office.”

It is not “sending out samples.”

It is all about YOUR story.

Let’s discuss how you can develop your story and even more importantly how you can help your new people do the same thing!!! Getting your new customers excited and sharing will create a slew of new Brand Partners!! I don’t care how long you have been in Young Living; this chat will help you up your game & be more confident sharing Young Living!! Make sure your team joins you for this session!!!


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