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Emotions & FREEDOM

Updated: Dec 3, 2023


It is insane to me the number of people who are struggling & how we tend to suffer silently. We hold everything in & pretend we are fine. In truth, we are afraid of what other people will think of us, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!! Follow up with a mental health professional. Talk to someone. Reach out & ask for help. Please know, you are not alone. Especially after the past few years. We are all struggling. The facts are, holding all the emotional stuff inside can cause physical issues. YEP. It is true. Emotions, Is there a health connection? Your stomach is in a knot, your heart is racing & your hands are sweating. You can’t believe what just happened. You are completely disoriented and yet no one even touched you. You just had a very close call with another car. You are parked safely on the side of the road... YOU KNOW we have all experienced that rush of adrenalin when NOTHING physically happened. Like it or not, we do have a physical reaction to fear, anger, sorrow and yes … even Joy!! What our body does with those feelings determines how our body will react & change. Join us & find out how emotions affect every area of your life. What can you do to release some of those built-up emotions?


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