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Speaking Skills & Exploring the Art of Storytelling: 10/90 FB LIVE

What are the skills you need to be an amazing speaker? What is the science of storytelling & how will this one skill propel your business??

How do you capture the attention & hearts of those you are speaking with?? WHY do you need to develop your speaking skills? What role does body language have in sharing Young Living??? Then we are going to dive into classes & the simple skills needed to turn those classes & one on ones into NEW customers & Brand Partners. What types of classes build your TEAM the fastest. What twist do you need to start working on depth & width together??

Feel free to invite your TEAM and share share share!!!! Plan on joining LIVE every Thursday at 1:00 PM EST on my personal Facebook page or catch the replay here.

YES everyone is welcome!! Join us every Thursday at 1:00 PM EST on


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