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Restful Sleep, Amazing Energy & Your Body's Clock


This is week ONE of our Healthy Living Series. Each week we will cover another foundational health issues that helps your body find balance in all things!!! Did you know that your body really wants balance? Yep, balance or homeostasis is exactly what your body is doing 24 hours a day. It uses hormones, enzymes all kinds of messengers to keep that balance.

Going to sleep, staying asleep, feeling energetic & full of life is SUPPOSED to be a normal natural part of that balance. The question is HOW do we get off balance?

Are there things we can do to encourage our body to sleep at the right time, for the right amount of time & feel rested when we wake back up? Many of us are feeling that crazy fatigue; mental & physical. TRUTH >>> It happens to all of us at some point!

We have seasons in our lives where we seem to push ourselves until we just NEED to take a break!!! How do we regain our energy? How do we find our motivation again? Are we being lazy? How do we re-sync with the rest of the world? Why do we need sleep? Join us as we discuss ways to make bedtime a true REST time so YOU can feel that AMAZING energy throughout your day!!