Oils in the Raindrops Kit Class

Updated: Nov 22

Join us for a series on all the AMAZING oils in the Raindrop kit!!! We will discuss each oil & share the reason WHY each of the oils are used in the Raindrop Technique!!

If you would like to offer this as a class on social media or via text, download each picture & copy & paste the words for each post. Feel free to edit & make it your own!! <3

ONE - Oils in the Raindrop Kit: Tips & Secrets…

How do you remember the order of RD?

What are the steps & do you have to do them that way?

Do you have to be a Massage Therapist to apply oils on others?

How often should you use the Raindrop oils?

RCD Frances Fuller came up with an acronym for the Raindrop oil sequence. Valor first then >>> Over The Bay Come With Me And Play!! Valor, Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Cypress, Wintergreen, Marjoram, Aroma Siez & Peppermint >>> It has helped me keep the order straight for a long time.

🧐😍 Here is a secret that Gary shared in Ecuador at a hands-on training, “The oils are going to do what the oils are supposed to do no matter what!” That means the oils know exactly what to do when they are applied. They will do their job. It does not matter if I take the time to do all the amazing steps every time. I do not have to be a massage therapist. All I must do is OPEN the bottle & apply the oils!!! 💪🤩 That brought a lot of freedom for me. 🙌🙌🙌

Knowing that I could quickly layer the oils on with zero other steps gave me the freedom to begin doing raindrops more often.

🥰 Don't get me wrong, there is power in having a FULL Raindrop Treatment. Every step adds a powerful addition. A licensed Massage Therapist has a gift of touch & there is power in that too!!! BUT the touch of a momma's hands on their littles, POWERFUL! The touch from a spouse or a friend POWERFUL!!!

Raindrops can be quick & easy >>> I could do a Raindrops on all 4 of my kids every week!!! On Mondays I would layer the Raindrop oils on my son’s feet & back, tuck him in for bed and done in 10 minutes. Tuesdays I would do my oldest daughter. Wednesday I would do the same thing to my middle daughter. Thursday was my youngest. Friday, I did Brian. Saturday, he did me & Sunday we rested. That is freedom!!!

There was no way I could have done all the steps with one family member every night, it just would not happen. Once a week, ONE of the children would get a full RDT. #Facts

The first week of the month their RDT included the Feelings Kit. We wanted to make sure that none of the normal childhood traumas would set, the Feelings oils release the frequency of that trauma. I would also sneak in and pray for them while dropping the oils in the Feelings kit on them if they had a fight with a friend or any other emotional trauma that day. Hurts happen, we do not have to let them stay & take control. 😡😱😭😢

We need the Raindrop oils weekly. We just do!!! Those oils are layered together because each oil adds to the oil layered before it!! Together, each oil is more powerful than any of them alone. So powerful!!!

You can use Raindrops ANYWHERE 🦵💪👏👣👂🧠

You could layer those beautiful oils on your knees, hips or shoulder when they need a little TLC! If you have a spot that is bothering you, layer each oil on every time you feel it. If you are alone, you know you can apply those oils on your feet or even on your back with a Selfie Oil Stick.

🥰 You need the Raindrop Oils at least once a week. How are you going to make that happen?? What are the oils in the Raindrops that you use almost every day & WHY??

TWO - Oils in the Raindrop Kit: Valor Essential Oil Blend 5ml

Valor is one of Young Living’s BEST sellers. The aroma is intoxicating & soothing to the soul. This beautiful blend is all about courage!!! This blend gives you the strength to finish things you are afraid of doing! Think of this bottle as your secret weapon against procrastination & worry. When this blend is applied to your spine & feet, it works at bringing balance to every cell! 💪💜

💜 Beautiful Blend of Black spruce, Camphor wood, Blue tansy, Frankincense & Geranium

💜 It helps the body self-correct its balance & alignment in life.

💜 Balances electrical energies in the body

💜 Empowers physical and spiritual bodies to overcome fear and opposition when facing adversity

💜 Gives a feeling of strength, courage, and protection

💜 Smells beautiful & can be used as a perfume.

Do you use Valor? Are you going to start using Valor? WHY??

THREE - Oils in the Raindrop Kit: Oregano Essential Oil 5ml

I must be honest… oregano is not my favorite oil. It WAS the first oil I ever smelled & it reminded me of dirty feet!!! 🤢

We now have a love hate relationship… I love what it does, but I still hate the smell!!! This is where a truth bomb comes in, READY, “It is not about the smell, it is about what it does to the CELL!” 👈👈Yep. The fact that we LOVE most of the aromas is a bonus. We use oils because they affect every cell in our body!!! 🥰

So here are the facts about my "frenemy" ;)

  • It is a single essential oil

  • 60 – 75% Carvacrol

  • ORAC 15,307 (TE/L) = Micromole Trolox Equivalent per Liter

  • Oregano essential oil is a member of the mint family and is native to areas of western Asia and the Mediterranean.

  • When applied topically, you will feel it warm & relax your muscles. Applied to your feet, oregano cleans up all the pathways & creates a comforting warm sensation.

  • High in phenols – may need V6 to cool (dilute) if it switches from warm to hot.

  • Creates a feeling of security & strength.

  • Helps with feeling of anger & insecurities.

  • Oregano increases flexibility, devotion, nonattachment, humility and decreases excessive willfulness and pride.

  • Used in supplements such as ImmuPower to support your healthy immune system

Do you keep oregano around to keep your body strong & healthy? Is it an aroma YOU enjoy??

FOUR - Oils in the Raindrop Kit: Thyme Essential Oil 5ml

🌱 Thyme essential oil reminds me of fall cooking. Every soup & rub has a little bit of thyme. Think of thyme essential oil as a palate cleanser. It prepares the way for whatever comes next!!!!

🌱 This is one of those oils that has been used for hundreds of years, but gets very little recognition!! The Romans believed that it helped relive stress and reduce restlessness before a big fight.

🌱 Applied topically & diffused, it helps to relax the body and allow the lungs and mind to open. As the body opens, it functions optimally, allowing you to release tension, relive occasional anxiety, and find a peaceful state of relaxation.

🌱 Thyme essential oil also acts as a natural memory booster. Using the oil as part of aromatherapy can help an individual increase concentration and brain power, thus improving work efficiency and creativity. The oil’s stimulation properties not only make it great for improving blood circulation and increasing metabolism, but it can also help promote focus and reenergize the mind.

  • Thyme is a powerful single essential oil

  • 37 – 55 % Thymol (TE/L)

  • ORAC 15,960

  • A solution of thymol (active ingredient) is used in many over the counter mouth wash & vapor rubs due to its purifying agents.

  • Thyme Oil is a hot oil & may need to be diluted if is becomes to hot on your skin.

  • It may be beneficial in helping overcome fatigue & exhaustion

  • It is mentioned in the Ebers Papyrus –16th century BC

  • When breathed in, it is believed to bring a sense of purpose.

  • Applied to the feet it clears & stimulates communication pathways

🌱🌱🌱 Did you learn something NEW about thyme essential oil?? Are you going to start applying it to your feet everyday??

FIVE - Oils in the Raindrop Kit: Basil Essential Oil 5ml

Basil is one of those amazing culinary plants that we are all familiar with, what would Italian food be without basil? Just remember that basil is so much more than a beautiful aroma & flavor.

🏵 Think of sweet basil as the oil of renewal. It stimulates energy, focus & clarity. It helps overcome occasional sadness & worry.

🏵 Basil is amazing rubbed on your temples, back of the neck & over the shoulders after spending the day hunched over your computer or hours of negative NEWS!!! It just releases all the pent-up fatigue & stress. This is one of those oils you need to diffuse & apply on a regular basis. Your body will thank you!!!

🏵 This powerful bottle is a single essential oil from the mint family

🏵 40 - 80% Methylchavicol (TE/L)

🏵 ORAC 54,000

🏵 Listed in Hildegard’s Medicine Compilation with multiple health benefits over a thousand years ago in Germany.

🏵 Allows muscle to relax & release built up tension

🏵 Soothing to the mind & body

🏵 Fights mental fatigue & increases energy

🏵 Amazing properties help boost a lack of confidence, diminish negative thought processes, and even increase awareness of your personal desires.

🏵🏵🏵 Can you see why this amazing oil is a part of the Raindrops Kit? How are you planning on add all these benefits to your daily life?

SIX - Oils in the Raindrop Kit: Cypress Essential Oil 5ml

Cypress is an amazing addition to your daily routine! This beautiful tree oil is all about strength & movement.

🌲 This oil is especially good when applied to the chest, your lungs will adore the aroma of cypress!!! That beautiful oil is soothing & comforting & has been known to help your lungs MOVE & release excess phlegm & mucus.

🌲 When applied to the legs & feet you will find the “movement” with built up fluid. If you need anything to get moving, CYPRESS is your go to oil!!

🌲 On a side note: whenever we have a since of loss, that grief sits in the lungs. Think about the heavy pressure on your chest after a loss.

🌲 Cypress helps to remove that since of grief. Remember, grief is not always the death of a loved one. People grieve for relationships, divorce, loss of a dream, loss of a home, in ability to control addictions, in ability to control circumstances. Right now, 50% of the populations is grieving over elections, covid & CHANGES. Cypress helps release that grief. 😭😭😭

🌲 This sweet refreshing oil is a single essential oil

🌲 40-65% Alpha-Pinene

🌲 ORAC 24,300 (TE/L)

🌲 Gives TLC to the Circulatory System

🌲 Comforting to the respiratory system

🌲 Eases the feeling of loss and creates a sense of security and grounding.

🌲 Also helps heal emotional trauma, calms, soothes anger, and helps life flow better.

🌲 Allows mind & muscle to relax

🌲 Soothing to the Body

🌲 Fights stress induced fatigue

Is this an oil you need in your life?? Do you know someone who needs a little cypress?? 🥰

SEVEN - Oils in the Raindrop Kit: Winter Essential Oil 5ml

🥰🤩 THIS is one of my favorites. You will never see me without a bottle of wintergreen! It is just THAT oil for me!!

🍃 This warm invigorating oil is a great addition to lotions that are applied after activity. Wintergreen has been used topically in massages for its revitalizing properties, helping exhausted and tender muscles, decreasing spasms, and promoting a soothing sensation over discomforts of the body.

🍃 This wonderful aroma improves negative feelings of stress, mental pressure, and concentration for improved emotional balance.

🍃 Wintergreen helps increases inner strength and ability to let go and surrender. Helps those who need to control or always be right.

🍃 Wintergreen is a single essential oil that is found in MANY of our blends!!!

🍃 98% Methyl salicylate (TE/L) <<< LOOK THIS UP! Seriously POWERFUL oil!

🍃 ORAC 101,800 <<< this is the antioxidant power of an essential oil. USDA has a database for the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC). For example an apple without the skin has an ORAC of 2,573. Wintergreen has an ORAC of 101,800!!! Can you say WOW!!!

🍃 Wintergreen’s refreshing minty aroma is stimulating and invigorating.

🍃 Warms Muscles & Ligaments, truest me, your body will love it!

🍃 Help to strengthen your body & posture

🍃 It stimulates and increases awareness in all levels of the sensory system

🍃 Native Americans chewed the leaves to increase lung capacity when doing hard labor or running long distance.

▶️▶️▶️ What ways do you use Wintergreen? What are the ORACs for all of the other oils we have talked about? Can you see why the Raindrop Oils are so powerful???

EIGHT - Oils in the Raindrop Kit: Marjoram Essential Oil 5ml

When you think of marjoram, I know you think of Italian cooking. I want you to smell that amazing aroma & think relaxation. 🧘‍♀️🧘

Marjoram is very very relaxing to your muscles. It helps your body just take a heavy sigh & relax. 🧘‍♀️ Think hippy calm! 😂🤣

🧘‍♂️ For real. If you are tense or worked up. Rub on some marjoram! From your back to your neck to your calf muscles. GO marjoram!!!

🧘‍♂️ Those of you that are into sports, keep marjoram with you! For those of you who rarely think about exercise but spend the day bent over a phone or computer… think marjoram!! It is the go-to for relaxation!!!

🧘‍♀️🧘🧘‍♂️ Ladies, for your menstrual and menopausal symptoms, think marjoram!! Just rub it anywhere you are cramping from belly to breast. You can even rub it on your neck & temples. You can thank me later. 🥰

‍🧘 Sweet marjoram is emotionally balancing. When you are having those days when everything seems to go wrong, grab your marjoram! It releases the excess stress and lets us see things with a clear mind. Great for finding peace in the mix of an internal storm.

🧘‍♀️ Marjoram is a single essential oil

🧘‍♀️ 25 – 35% Terpinene (TE/L)

🧘‍♀️ ORAC 130,900

🧘‍♀️ Was known as the “herb of happiness” to the Romans & was believed to increase longevity

🧘‍♀️ Soothes muscles & joints

🧘‍♀️ Relaxing for the full body

🧘‍♀️ Supports a healthy respiratory system

🧘‍♀️ Assists in relaxing tense muscles

🧘‍♀️ Very calming to the nervous system

🧘‍♀️Comforting for menstrual discomfort & PMS

Are you picking up what I am putting down?

Who is grabbing a bottle or two of marjoram? 🙋‍♀️🙋🙋‍♂️

NINE - Oils in the Raindrop Kit: Aroma Siez™ Essential Oil Blend 5ml

🧬 Aroma Siez™ is a relaxing soothing blend of basil, cypress, marjoram, lavender, peppermint.

🧬 This essential oil blend is invigorating yet calming and can assist with releasing tension in the mind and body. It can also help us let go of negative experiences, and it encourages consistency. Who could use some consistency?? 🙋‍♀️

🧬 Pop a roller filament in this beautiful bottle & you have a synergistically blended MINI Raindrop in a bottle!!! I see so many recipes for making a Raindrops Roll on, but Gary already made us not one, but TWO options!!!! You will see the second one soon >>>

🧬 Did you know that blending is an art? It matters what oils goes in first. YEP. It matters. I mean anytime you use an oil, it will do great things, but layering each oil and giving it a few seconds to absorb in the skin before you apply the next oil will accomplish something 100% different than using all those same oils added to a bottle. It changes the “calling & frequency” of the oils. When we use a bled that was created for us, it is going to have the RIGHT calling. It will do what it was called to do in our cells.

🧬 I am not against making your own roll ons. I make a lot of personal blends. I like to experiment with the different aromas… but if I need something specifically to TAKE CARE of a situation; I will either layer oils or reach for a blend that was created by a master. Aroma Seize was created for the Raindrop to help the muscles relax & to release built up tension.

🧬 Beautiful synergistic blend of basil, cypress, marjoram, lavender, peppermint

🧬 The oils in the blend work as a powerful TEAM in Aroma Siez!

🧬 Helpful in relief of occasional brain fog

🧬 Amazing for the skin

🧬 Release built up pressure & tension

🧬Soothing for a shoulder, neck, head, back or full body rub

🧬 Mini Raindrop in bottle – Made by the master blender!

▶️▶️▶️ Who needs a Mini Raindrops Roll On!!! Did you know that blend oils changed their frequency??? What are some of your favorite blends??

TEN - Oils in the Raindrop Kit: Peppermint Essential Oil 5ml

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how great peppermint smells? 🤩😋 I mean come on!! The aroma alone makes it one of my top favorite oils.

🙃😉🙃 The fact that it heats up and cools me down!! What kind of crazy magic is that?? 😂🤣 Talk about BALANCE ⚖️

⚖️ I apply peppermint several times a day. I drop peppermint vitality under my tongue, in my tea, in my chocolate, in my dressings…. Ok I may have a peppermint obsession. 😂🤣

⚖️ Seriously, it is an oil I could not live without. When I was in the hospital it gave me courage. 😭💪💜 It reminded me of home. I believe it was that aroma that brought the nurses & Doctors into my room. I believe it was part of the reason they were so genuine & calm. 😭💪💜

⚖️ Emotionally, peppermint essential oil helps clear and release emotions of failure, restriction, rigidity, and fear of dependence. It helps you to feel strong & independent.

⚖️ When applied topically it is comforting for menstrual discomfort & PMS. Rub on abdomen, breast head, lower back as needed for comfort. If you are experience a hot flash, run peppermint on the neck & chest for a nice cooling sensation.

⚖️ When muscles are tight & rigid, apply peppermint. Its warming sensation will bring quick relaxation, followed by the soothing cooling sensation.

⚖️ Peppermint is a strong single essential oil that stands alone or pairs well with many of our blends & supplements.

⚖️ 34-44% Menthol

⚖️ ORAC 37,300 (TE/L)

⚖️ Greeks said that peppermint encouraged sexual behavior and forbade its consumption by soldiers to maintain control of the troops.

⚖️ The Ebers Papyrus, an ancient Egyptian medical text dating to 1550 BC, mint was listed as calming to stomach pains.

⚖️ Mint was so valued in Egypt that it was used as a form of currency.

⚖️ Studies show that it Increased mental accuracy by 38% in test subjects

⚖️ Supports healthy digestion & is found in every one of our digestive supplements

⚖️ Curbs excessive appetite & stimulates a slow appetite

⚖️ Warms, cools, relaxes and comforts muscles & joints

⚖️ Mentally stimulating & increase concentration

⚖️ Comforting for menstrual discomfort & PMS

Share your BEST peppermint story!!! 👇👇👇

ELEVEN - Oils in the Raindrop Kit: V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex

Young Living’s V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex can be used to create custom massage oil, roll ons or to dilute essential oils for sensitive skin. This beautiful blend of 7 different vegetable oils works synergistical to sooth tired dry skin.

🧚‍♀️ It is already used in many of our blends & roll ons. It is so gentle; you can use a few drops to dilute hot essential oils even if those oils get in your eyes. Never use water to dilute hot essential oils. 💦 Water pushes the essential oils in deeper & can cause more pain. V-6 will dilute the essential oils & cool the area. 😍

🧚‍♂️ This is a great massage oil to use right after a shower for silky sexy skin!!! Since each of these gentle oils work individually to give TLC to the skin you will see lovely results with your skin and its own natural restorative properties!

🧚 All the oils in this blend are high in fat soluble antioxidants. Which means your skin will love them bonus, they do not clog pores!! They just feed those hungry dry cells.

1️⃣ Coconut Oil is predominantly composed of saturated fats, which work to repair your skin’s natural barrier and soak in moisture. By keeping your skin cells hydrated, your skin retains a nice smooth surface. The lauric, capric and caprylic acids that are also in coconut oil’s composition help to fight off any gunk from the day.

2️⃣ Sesame Seed Oil contains fatty acids that help heal the skin and regenerate new cells, which can assist in fading scars. Works as a great addition to any skin care regimen.

3️⃣ Wheat Germ Oil is a natural oil which helps in cleansing the face efficiently. It helps seal moisture back and gets rid of excess sebum, which could lead to other skin problems like acne, pimples, etc.

4️⃣ Grape Seed Oil is rich in linoleic acid, a polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acid. Essential fatty acids are the building blocks of healthy cells. They hydrate, moisturize, and soften skin. Linoleic acid protects, strengthens, and gives TLC to cell membranes. It restores tired and aging skin to a natural glow. Linoleic acid also assists in the delivery of vitamins and antioxidants.

5️⃣ Sweet Almond Oil is full of monosaturated fatty acids which help your skin retain moisture and block chapped and irritated skin. This is greatly appreciated by those with oily, dry, and sensitive skin.

6️⃣ Olive Oil was once referred to as “liquid gold” by the Greek poet Homer, it is known to be closer in chemical structure to the skin’s natural oil than any other naturally occurring oil!!! It penetrates and hydrates the skin efficiently and naturally. Olive oil can help balance your skin’s moisture. It has a unique ability to mix well with water helping moisturize the skin without clogging the pores, leaving it smooth and silky.

7️⃣ Sunflower Seed Oil is an abundant source of vitamins E, A, D and C, which are essential components for protecting skin against sun damage, free radicals and locking in hydration to defend us against other daily environmental assaults. Sunflower seed oil contains an impressive family of essential fatty acids— (Omega 6) linoleic, oleic, palmitic, and stearic acids—which science tells us boosts healthy skin activity.

🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️🧚 Hopefully you can see WHY we use V-6 exclusively for all recipes & personal blends. What excited you about our V-6???

TWELVE (Last Post) Oils in the Raindrop Kit: Ortho Ease® Massage Oil Complex

😇💯🥰 Let’s talk about getting essential oils in the right blend! When Gary created this blend, he was thinking of us!! With our tired muscles, over worked bodies, busy lives … You know, all of US!! Ortho Ease is truly the original Raindrops in a bottle. Gary knew there would be times when we just did not have time for a FULL Raindrop technique. We need something we could grab, rub on & go about our day.

😇 Ortho ease soothes and warms tired and stressed bodies, helping to combat the damaging effects of everyday activities. With a calming blend of YLTG essential oils, Ortho Ease will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

😇 You can use it just like it is straight out of the bottle. Squirt it in your hand & apply anywhere that needs a little attention.

😇 You can put it in a squirt bottle so you can use it right after a workout or apply on the go.

😇 You can also add it to a roll on so you can apply directly where you need it. No fuss no muss!! Make it work for YOU!!!

Ortho Ease is an amazing blend of Essential Oils & fatty oils:

  • ·Wintergreen

  • Juniper

  • Marjoram

  • Juniper

  • Thyme

  • Vetiver

  • Peppermint

  • Eucalyptus radiata

  • Eucalyptus globulus

  • Lemongrass

  • Wheat Germ Oil

  • Grape Seed Oil

  • Sweet Almond Oil

  • Olive Oil

  • Vitamin E

😇😇😇 This is the last slide in our Raindrops II Class!! Hopefully, you are more equipped with the WHY behind each of the oils in this amazing kit!!!

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