July 21 - Overcoming Burnout & Finding Your Joy

Overcoming Burn Out & Finding Your JOY Let’s face it, our lives are crazy & hectic! We just don’t live in a world conductive to peace & tranquility anymore. Most of us spend the majority of our

day running from here to there feeling like we never get anywhere. There are days when it just seems like to much!! There are days when we would rather hide in our bedroom with the quilt pulled over our heads. Even with all of the noise, social media & oodles of “friends” we feel lonely & have days we want to cry & stop doing everything!! After you live your "life", take care of your family, house & "stuff" we want you to build a business. We want you to share with your family and friends. Share video's, join groups, run challenges, offer incentives.... BURNOUT is real!!! Let's chat, how do we overcome burnout and find joy doing all the things!!! You my friend deserve all the JOY in this CRAZY World!! We are doing things a little different for the summer. We will still be chatting every Thursday but it will be via FB LIVE @ 1:00 PM EST and I will be the primary speaker. With a the crazy summer schedules, we thought this would work for a few months. You are still welcome to ask your questions, just add them to the comments and we will make it work.

YES everyone is welcome!! Join us every Thursday at 1:00 PM EST on https://www.facebook.com/anewhopeYLEO/

UPCOMING Brand Partner Chats

July 28: Compensation, BONUSES & Rewards Young Living’s Compensation Plan is amazing! Gary & Mary created a structure that will provide upfront money & long-term stability!! Regardless of the amount of money you need, Young Living has a rank that will allow you to fulfill YOUR personal needs! The beauty of our compensation plan is that you get to take your closest friends & family on the journey with you!

No one gets to Diamond alone! It takes a TEAM! After our chat you will be able to explain HOW our compensation plan works! You will understand each of the ranks & the possible abundance that comes with those titles!!! We will discuss all of the additional BONUSES Young Living offers including: Silver Bound Bonus, Fast Start Bonus, Generation Leadership Bonus, Diamond Leadership Bonus, Incentive Trips, Silver Retreat, Gold Retreat, Platinum Retreat and Diamond Retreat!!!

Replay for past Brand Partner Zooms

We are so blessed and grateful to have you as a part of our team!! Choosing to share Young Living with others is an amazing decision. Please know we are here to help you achieve YOUR

dreams. Join us for our weekly Brand Partner Chats, where we will dig deep into multiple business strategies We would love to get to know you & your heart!!! You are invited to share & invite your members to join us too!!

Every week, we will dig deep into multiple business strategies >>>

  • ·How do you use our amazing website?

  • How does our compensation plan work??

  • How do you share with others?

  • How do you get them to share with others too?

  • Where do I place the people I enroll?

  • What is happening at corporate?

  • How do overcome objections?

  • How do I find the time & motivation?

Do people really make money building a YL TEAM??

If you have more questions, you will get to ask them during our Q & A every week!!! Stumped?? Bring your questions & let’s brainstorm as a team to come up with a plan that works for YOU!!! We would love to get to know you & your heart!!! You are invited to share & invite your members to join us too!!


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