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Healthy Breast & Hormones w/ Diamond Shannon Hudson

Healthy Breast &Hormones: “The girls” “your ladies” whatever you want to call them, your beautiful breast need a little TLC to keep them perky & healthy!! We are going to discuss the role

your lymph system plays in healthy breast along with the steps you can take to support your

girls! In addition, we are going to discuss your hormones& the roll they play in your mood, energy, focus & memory. From the moment you are conceived, your amazing endocrine system uses chemical messengers (hormones) to turn cells on and off. Your endocrine system is an amazing collection of glands that produce hormones that regulate metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sexual function, reproduction, sleep, and mood! Every season of your life is filled with changing messages(hormones). Most of the time we have no clue that these conversations are happening, but as we age the conversations change. Join us as we discuss your changing hormones & healthy breast!

Join us Monday, @ 7:00 PM EST for our weekly Zoom Meeting.

Zoom ID 859 6751 6837 Password: Hope

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