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90 Day Hustle #GrowingDiamond 2020

Do you know what time it is?? It is time for our annual #90DayHustle #GrowingDiamond Incentive!! We are so excited to be running this race with you! Brian & I are running to re-rank our Diamond leg & build our Crown Diamond Leg in November!

Join us September 1st @ 2:00 PM EST on 10/90 Plan Facebook Group as we discuss all the details to help you run your race!!! Regardless of what rank you are when you start or whose TEAM you are in, everyone that participates has the chance to WIN a Select 30 Collection!!! Whoop! Whoop!!! Make sure you watch the video for details!! Are you ready for our Growing Diamond 90 Day Hustle? To participate: over the next 90 days, download the form below, commit to 10 NEW contacts a day & hosting 2 meetings with NEW guest every week! Be creative, host: one on ones, Savvy Saturdays, Makeup & Muffins, Makeup & Moscato, Oily Parties, Mom Spa Days, Maximize the Burn, Home Detox Days, Green in the Parks – Online, TEXT or in person! Each time you host a meeting, log into our “10/90 Plan Facebook Group”, post a picture add #GrowingDiamond! Keep track of all your meetings, fill out this form and email it to by December 15, 2020. Everyone who completes this challenge will be entered to WIN a Select 30™ Oil Collection!!

Growing Diamond
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