Flyer: Cooking w/ Vitality Series

Updated: Jul 12

FULL Description of class listed below >>> FUN! FUN! FUN!! Meet NEW people, create friendships, join us for 8 weeks of cooking with vitality!! What is vitality?? It is the state of being strong and active with energy!! We are going to dig into the simple meal tricks you can make to bring energy, LIFE, strength & vitality into your life with food & essential oils. Tired of the same foods every day, join us & create some variety!!

Everyone welcome!! Class is every Monday at 6:00 PM @ Physicians Park 218 E Reid Road Grand Blanc MI 42439 Hope to see you & your TEAM there!!! Feel free to add your contact info to this flyer & share everywhere you go. Plan on staying afterwards and join us for a 90 Day Growing Diamond Series. Details HERE.

July 11 Week ONE: Cooking w/Vitality: Summer Salads, Dips & Dressings Dips and dressings make everything taste better!!! Join us tonight as we taste, try and SHOW you how to make 5 minutes dips and dressings that will add health & vitality to the meals you already know & love! Find out how to make a Ranch Vitality that taste better than anything you buy but will literally only take you 10 minutes!!! We will make my famous Creamy NingXia Vinaigrette & lots of other advice for tweaking the foods you currently love and turning them into foods that help you fight hunger cravings & create energy & vitality in your life!!

July 18 Week TWO: Cooking w/Vitality: Summer BBQs & Marinades

Yes!!! This is the BBQ Season!!! Do you adore grilling? I know I do!! Are you looking for some new marinades or a fresh take on your BBQ Sauce?? How about those delicious side dishes that just balance a delightful BBQ?!? We are going to cover all things that go with grilling!!! You can enjoy delicious, tasty favorites & grill out with all the fixings and still have time to hang out and enjoy family time! We are also going to chat about your Summer Toolbox and all the healthy oily swaps!!

July 25 Week THREE: Cooking w/Vitality: Easy Meals that BALANCE Hormones

Food, the foundation for your healthy body will always be the food we eat. Some of the foods we eat can make a major difference in your hormones. This week we are going to chat about hormones, men, ladies, teens, and menopause. Let's discuss simple tweaks in your family's menu that may have a role in those crazy hormones. Men, no zip or zing?? We are going to help you get it all back! Ladies, are you off balance & having a a hard time finding your center?? Let's see what we can do!!! Teens & preteens need a lot of love and balance as all those hormones come flooding in!! What if the foods you are feeding them are creating the beast that makes you and them cry??? Let's shine some light on the amazing nutrients that can help the whole family feel safe, healthy & strong!!

August 1 Week FOUR: Cooking w/Vitality: Intermittent Fasting & Meals 2 Go

The lives we live have us running the roads from meeting to meeting and event to event. That busy lifestyle leads to poor food choices. Let's talk about easy was to plan for those Meals 2 Go! We are even going to discuss some PLANNED intermittent fasting and how it can be incorporated into your healthy life!! Choosing to skip a meal here or there honestly gives you more free time & will begin to feel like cheating the system!! Imagine how many hours you spend planning meals, cooking, and cleaning, what would it be like to save 33% of that time??? Don't feel like skipping meals?? No worries, we are still going to save you time as we dig into those Meals 2 go!! Lots of tasty options tonight!!

August 8 Week FIVE: Cooking w/Vitality: Simple Summer Desserts & Snacks

Choosing to be healthy does not mean giving up all your favorite sweets and comforting snacks!! Nope, there are so many options and tonight we are going to talk about oodles of yummy twist!! You are going get to try Fudgy Cholate Brownies, NOPE no avocados needed!! You are going to enjoy strawberry cheesecake that will just melt in your mouth!! Ummmm can you say cookies, pies, cakes, all the snack foods??? Yep, we are going to give you the tools to create masterpiece desserts & snacks, your family will never know you upgraded their life!!!

August 15 Week SIX: Cooking w/Vitality: Fast Food for Brain Function

Over 50 million Americans suffer with depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue, poor memory and brain fog. Those are sad numbers, but I want you to know YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! Do you have children who bounce of the walls, have a hard time in school & have anger issues?? Have you watched a family member who is suffering with all the brain "stuff"? It is so hard especially when you feel like you are in it alone and nobody understands. Join us tonight as we dig deep into the foods that may be affecting your brain. What if a few dietary tweaks reduced your issues by 50%?? What if we could take the food you or your children already know like and love & we could do minor tweaks that would help clear some of the brain fog??? You don't have to change everything to see results, small changed can make HUGE improvements!!! Let's taste some yummy food & talk about your beautiful brain!!!

August 22 Week Seven: Cooking w/ Vitality: Back 2 School: Breakfast & Lunch

Sadly, summer vacation is coming to an end. That means we have to change our schedules and switch up your routine. This year, let's take time to PLAN for amazing breakfast & lunches so we can continue with all the amazing changes we made during the summer!! We are going to go over a menu that will only take 10 - 20 minutes per day for both breakfast and lunch!! Quick, healthy tasty meals that will give you and your family that beautiful energy and focus for the week!!!! We are talking about meal that will keep you full and content so you can continue releasing the excess pounds!!

August 29 Week Eight: Cooking w/ Vitality: Meal Prep >>> Cook Once, Eat Twice

This is our final Cooking w/ Vitality for the season!!!! Today, we are going to put it all together and empower you to Meal Prep!!! Freezer meals, cook once eat twice whatever you want to call it. This class is coming with several yummy meals to taste & experience along with a 30-day menu & recipes!!! Join the party my friends!!!