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Frequency & Emotions

We have been talking about a lot of emotions & I would like to continue the conversation by discussing WHY essential oils partner with forgiveness, gratitude and all the emotions!!!!

Lets chat about frequency & how it affects our health. FYI >>> ALL the following info is just for your edification. No medical claims of any kind. MHz IS a unit of frequency, equal to one million cycles per second. What does that mean?? Well, a healthy human has a MHz of 62 – 78. As sickness creeps in, our frequency (MHz) begins to drop! The name of the game is keeping your frequency HIGH!!!!

  • 62-78 MHz Healthy Body

  • 57-60 MHz Cold/Flu

  • 42 MHz Cancer

  • 25 MHz Death >>> YIKES!!!

HOW do we keep our frequency high???

It is the things we eat …

  • 20-27 MHz Fresh Food

  • 15-22 MHz Dried Food

  • 15-22 MHz Dried Herb

  • 0 MHz Canned Food

  • 0 MHz Processed Food

The things we think & the habits we have ….

  • -12 MHz Negative Thoughts

  • +10 MHz Positive Thoughts

  • +15 MHz Praying

  • -8 MHz Smelling Coffee

  • -14 MHz Drinking Coffee

  • -17 MHz Holding a Cigarette

  • -23 MHz Smoking a Cigarette

Essential Oils have a MHz range: 52-580 MHz!! WOW!!!! That is amazing!!!

This is why it is so important to use your oils, all day EVERYDAY!!!

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