May 20 - Frankenmuth Adrenal Fatigue: Finding ENERGY

Updated: May 5

Adrenal Fatigue & Finding Energy The world is going crazy. We have been under extra stress for

the past few years. That extra stress is causing havoc in your body. Our stress hormones are elevated, cortisol is high & we feel like we are in constant crisis mode. All that crazy has caused us to feel enormous amounts of fatigue & zero desire to do anything. How are the two related??? Your sweet little adrenals can only function under stress for so long before they check out & say enough is enough! We are supposed to feel good & have the energy we need to do all the things AND still have energy for Fun!!!! Join us as we discuss the crazy cycle & let us help you find your energy again!!!

May 20 @ 3:00 PM

Everyone welcome form oily lover to newbie!! We would love to have you join us!!

Healthy Habitz

975 North Main, Suite A Frankenmuth, MI 48734

Host: Healthy Habitz & Young Living Platinum Tina Serra

Special Speaker: Young Living Diamond Shannon Hudson


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