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Follow Up & Building Depth: Brand Partner FB LIVE

Follow up & Building Depth What exactly is follow up? How do you apply it to your new contacts, customers and TEAM members?? Why is it so important AND more importantly, WHY do we tend to skip this step?? Let’s break this down into tiny bite size steps!!! You can do this!!!!

While we are breaking things into action steps, let’s talk about BUILDING DEPTH!!!! It doesn’t matter if it works; it ONLY matters if it is duplicable! Network marketing requires us to be duplicable. If you have a skill that ONLY you have & it helps you to build…then YOU will ALWAYS be the ONLY person in your group that can build!!! That defeats the purpose of the network marketing system. We have developed a system that allows a person who is introduced to turn around & share Young Living 30 minutes later!!! THAT IS POWER!!!! Come learn the system & share it with YOUR TEAM!!!

Feel free to invite your TEAM and share share share!!!! Plan on joining LIVE every Thursday at 1:00 PM EST on my personal Facebook page or catch the replay here.

YES everyone is welcome!! Join us every Thursday at 1:00 PM EST on

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