May 7 - FB Live: Correct Your Posture Month: Pain, Energy & Breathing

Updated: May 2

This month is correct your posture month. We are going to take it a step further, let's talk about

the role your posture plays in the pain your body experiences on a daily basis. How about your mood & energy?? Did you know that your posture may play a role in your mood??? It may cause fatigue & drain your energy?? How about your breathing? What role does poor posture play in your ability to breath? We are going to go in depth & help you make a strategy to help your posture, pain, mood, energy & breathing.

Join us May 7 on Shannon Hudson's Facebook LIVE at 1:00 PM EST If you are not able to join us live, NO WORRIES, you can watch the replay here or right here the next day


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