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Weekly Health & Wellness Facebook Live

Every Thursday at 3:30 pm EST we will host a Health & Wellness Facebook Live Class. Find us HERE. https://www.facebook.com/anewhopeYLEO

September 3: Your Eyes & Vision: Let’s talk about your eyes & your vision. Did you know that you

can do exercises for your eyes? YOU can!! Did you know there are foods that are FULL of vitamins that your eyes crave? There are!! Join us as we discuss some of the key nutrients your eyes need to stay healthy!! What are some of the key oils that will help you regain your hope & vision for your future? Some of us have never had a clear vision for what we want out of life!! Some of us have simply lost that vision as life has got in the way. Join us & regain your vision!

September 10: Invaluable Immune System

Your body is fearfully and wonderful made! It was designed with checks and balances that allow it to adapt to foreign invaders and keep our cells healthy. Your immune system is made up of a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to protect the body. If something sneaks past this amazing system, our body creates an army to seek out and destroy disease-causing organisms or substances. What can we do to support this beautiful system? What are the steps to a healthy immune response? Join us for a fascinating look at your inner army!!

September 17: Catching My Breath: Your Beautiful Respiratory System After being told that the ventilator caused permanent scar tissue & I needed to get used to my new normal; struggling to breath even on 5 liters of O2, winded with very little activity, the insane brain fog >>> I decided I had to fight back.

I started researching exactly what MY lungs needed. Lots of little things; some were simple breathing exercises, a few involved my blood & others had to do with breaking down those hard-scarred lungs.

All those changes have changed EVERYTHING for me!!! I finally feel like I am no longer struggling to catch my breath. I have regained my lungs & my mind! Join us as we social distance together & talk about all the things you can do to support your lovely lungs!!!

September 24: Intermittent Fasting & Essential Oils What role does intermittent fasting play in overall health? What is the difference between water fasting & IF? What is 16:8, 20:4 & OMAD?? Why would I want to fast? How long do I need to fast?? What breaks a fast? Do essential oils break a fast? Are there oils that HELP you fast? Join us as we break through the myths & help you make some good choices for long term health.