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Emotional Release

Your stomach is in a knot, your heart is racing & your hands are sweating. You can’t believe what just happened – you are completely disoriented and yet no one even touched you. You just had a very close call with another car. You are parked safely on the side of the road..

Like it or not, we do have a physical reaction to fear, anger, sorrow and yes, even joy!! What our body does with those feelings determines how our body will react & change. Right now, we are living in a time of fear, ager & hatred. We must learn how to release those pent up emotions.

Join us & let's talk about the Feelings Kit along with several other "emotional oils". You will learn which oils work with which emotions and which emotions hide in which organs!! We are going to cover how to use them on a daily basis AND how to use them for an actual emotional release session.

Click HERE at 11:00 AM EST on April 10 and join our Facebook LIVE. Make sure you say HI & tell us where you are from. Come find out how emotions affect every area of your life. Be sure to invite your friends & family members so they can get a little emotional balance too!

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